October 12th, 2015

TPP Decision Watch – Day 7 – Still No Decision From Trudeau

It’s been 7 days since the Trans Pacific Partnership was announced and Justin Trudeau continues to dodge questions about whether he supports the deal or not.

This is despite early details leaking out which point to the TPP having a significant impact on our internet freedoms:

“Canadians are going to see their democratically-created laws over-written in favour of laws that benefit giant, U.S. media conglomerates and censor the Internet,” Meghan Sali, OpenMedia, October 9th 2015.

“Unlike other countries that were able to negotiate delayed implementation, however, Canada simply caved to U.S. pressure, seemingly willing to trade away Canadian copyright policy.” Michael Geist, October 9th 2015.

Leadership means making the tough decisions. The TPP will drive wages down, kill jobs and severely impact our internet freedoms.

Either Justin Trudeau can’t decide about the TPP, or he’s hiding the fact that he actually supports Stephen Harper’s secret TPP deal.