August 6th, 2015


“Clearly, Mr. Harper, your plan’s not working.”

OTTAWA - NDP Leader Tom Mulcair won tonight’s leaders’ debate, demonstrating his experience and leadership while laying out his concrete plan and clear vision to help families and build a stronger middle class.

"Canadians work hard every day to provide for their families and to make ends meet – that’s how I was brought up too,” said Mr. Mulcair, before turning the tables on Stephen Harper. “You’re the only prime minister who, when asked about recessions on his watch, has to ask, which one?’”

A calm and confident Mulcair proved once again that he is the leader ready to bring change to Ottawa. The NDP leader was able to push aside attacks by his opponents, while highlighting the many failures of the Conservative government and the lack of a serious plan from the Liberal leader.

“Mr. Harper – you thought by gutting environmental laws you’d get energy to new markets – one question: How’s that working?” asked Mr. Mulcair. “With Mr. Harper’s plan we get the worst of both worlds, dirtier air and water. And no new markets for our energy.”

Mulcair also demonstrated his vision for a more accountable and democratic Canada – and the cost Canadians pay for having an unelected and unaccountable Senate.

"Taxpayers have spent a billion dollars on the corrupt Senate under Mr. Harper. Think of the childcare spaces that could have been created instead,” quipped Mr. Mulcair.

“Canada is the greatest country in the world. I have fought for Canada my whole life. I believe that every vote should count, that government should be ethical, and that an unelected, unaccountable Senate should be a thing of the past.”


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