September 24th, 2015

Tom Mulcair wins the French debate

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair won tonight’s French language debate. He laid out his plan to kickstart the economy, shared his environmental goals and underlined the role Canada should play abroad all while displaying his passion and leadership.

“Canadians want a government that they can be proud of and that represents their values. Conservative inaction on the economy and environment, like the Liberals before them, is alarming. We must do better,” said Mulcair. “For 150 years, Canadians have been saying that they don't have another choice. This time, they have another option. This time, there's a better choice to replace the old parties: an NDP government.”

Tonight, Mulcair succeeded in demonstrating to Canadians that he is the only leader ready to defeat and replace Stephen Harper.

“In 2011, we started something with the NDP that contributed to changing the face of Canadian politics,” said Mulcair. “Together, we can unite around the goal of defeating Stephen Harper and achieving our dream of a better, more generous, and more united Canada.”