May 16th, 2014

Tom Mulcair turns the tables on the Liberal and Conservative Kangaroo Court … with a smile

Tom Mulcair was able to take on Liberal and Conservative wannabe prosecutors with humour, grace and honesty.

“There's more taxpayers' money being wasted on this committee than was ever spent on NDP staff in Montreal.” – John Ivison, National Post Columnist, 15 May 2014 “Okay, now Tom Mulcair seems to be enjoying himself at [Procedure and House Affairs Committee]. It's Sunny Tom!” – Glen MacGregor, Ottawa Citizen, 15 May 2014 “The current flap over whether the NDP used parliamentary funds for partisan activities is actually much ado about not much.” – Greg Weston, CBC, 16 May 2014 “Tom Mulcair stood his ground Thursday throughout an unprecedented two-hour grilling by a Commons committee” – Canadian Press, May 15, 2014 “NDP leader Tom Mulcair fiercely defended his party’s actions during an unprecedented appearance before Parliamentary Committee Thursday.” – Hugo De Grandpré, La Presse, May 15 2014 “He does not lack for self-confidence, seemingly quite sure of both his position and his ability to argue that position, and he perhaps even relishes the prospect of a good fight.” – Aaron Wherry, Macleans, 15 May 2014

Canadians deserve to have their elected parliamentarians focused on them, not just on meeting Ottawa lobbyists – or on Kangaroo court attacks.