October 6th, 2015

Tom Mulcair is the only leader ready to take a plan to act on climate change to the Paris conference

Harper and Trudeau have no climate plan as informal United Nations talks reveal hope for a ‘’durable’ deal

As talks ramp-up ahead of the United Nations climate conference in Paris, it is clear that Tom Mulcair is the only leader ready with a climate change plan to reverse Canada’s reputation as a climate laggard.

“The Paris Climate Conference should be top of mind for every leader, but Justin Trudeau is woefully unprepared with no plan to act, and Stephen Harper has no intentions of meaningfully reducing Canada’s carbon emissions,” said Mulcair. “As Prime Minister, I will lead Canada’s delegation at the Climate Change Conference in December with the most ambitious CO2 reduction targets in Canadian history and a clear plan to achieve those goals.”

Last week, two of Canada’s most respected environmental groups, Environmental Defence andEquiterre, released a comparison of the federal parties’ positions on climate change. The report reflects that the NDP has the most aggressive CO2 targets of all parties, the Conservative plan is a complete failure on every measure, the Liberals have not set any targets and have no real plan, and the Bloc is missing in action on targets and environmental assessment.

“After decades of Conservative and Liberal failure, Canadians want action on climate change,” said Mr. Mulcair. “The conference is just six weeks after election day, and the Conservatives and Liberals are already failing the planet and the international community. The NDP has a comprehensive climate change plan and we are ready to deliver.”