December 11th, 2012

Tom Mulcair officially welcomes Murray Rankin to his caucus

Murray Rankin was sworn in today. He will defend the interests of the people of Victoria.

New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair officially welcomed the new MP for Victoria, Murray Rankin, to his caucus this morning. Rankin was sworn in today.

“The people of Victoria sent a clear message to the Conservatives. They’ve had enough of their backwards environmental policies. The NDP is the only party that can bring change. Murray Rankin is best positioned to represent the people of Victoria and fight for their priorities,” said the NDP Leader.

Murray Rankin was elected during the by-election on November 26 and succeeds Denise Savoie, who announced her retirement last summer. Rankin is an expert in environmental and public law. He has been a law professor at the University of Victoria and is currently the co-president of the Environmental Law Centre, a legal aid clinic run by students. He also has his own law firm in Victoria. He devoted his life to fighting for the environment and currently leads a team of legal experts fighting against the Northern Gateway pipeline project.

“I’m concerned about the direction Stephen Harper is taking with the environment. The people of Victoria have had enough of cuts to important environmental protections and want the environment to be a fundamental priority of the government,” said Rankin.