September 3rd, 2015

Tom Mulcair the official NDP candidate in Outremont

NDP leader calls for a new wave of change across Canada

NDP leader Tom Mulcair officially accepted the nomination for his riding of Outremont today, as he continues his campaign tobecome Canada’s first NDP Prime Minister. Mulcair addressed a packed and energized house at Montreal’s Rialto Theatre to outline his bold vision for Canada and his Campaign for Change.

“I’m so proud to be able to represent the riding of Outremont, with its diverse mix of communities who share our commitment to bring positive change to Ottawa,” said Mulcair. “Folks have been underestimating New Democrats for too long. Outremont proved them wrong in 2007, Quebec did it in 2011 and then again in Alberta just last may,” said Mulcair. “Stephen Harper’s plan isn’t working and it’s time we bring an orange wave of positive change to the rest of Canada.”

Mulcair stressed his plans to support the middle class with affordable $15 per day; a raise for 100,000 Canadians with a $15 dollar federal minimum wage and his commitment to strong pensions and retirement security. Mulcair also highlighted the NDP’s plans to grow the economy by protecting our environment; support job creation through tax relief for small businesses and to be a champion for Canada’s manufacturing and high-tech sectors at home and on the world stage.

“The NDP has an experienced team and with a just a few more seats in Quebec we’ll be able to defeat and replace Stephen Harper,” said Mulcair. “With candidates like journalist Anne Lagacé-Dowson to replace Justin Trudeau in Papineau, and former Old Brewery Mission director, Jim Hughes, to replace Marc Garneau in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Westmount, the NDP is well placed to build the Canada of our dreams.”

The people of Outremont can’t afford another four years of Stephen Harper’s failed ‘action plans’ and Conservative policies. That’s why more and more Canadians are standing with Tom Mulcair to bring a wave of change to Ottawa.