July 20th, 2015

Tom Mulcair launches Ontario Tour for Change

Today, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair kicked off his Ontario Tour for Change. Starting in Toronto, while visiting parts of the GTA, Southwestern and Northern Ontario, Mulcair will be stopping in ridings where New Democrats are ready to replace Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.

“After ten years of Stephen Harper, middle-class families are working harder, but just can’t get ahead. That`s why they are looking for change,” said Mulcair. “With more than 260,000 manufacturing jobs lost across Ontario since he was elected, it’s clear that Stephen Harper’s plan just isn’t working.”

Throughout the tour, Mulcair will lay out his concrete plan to build a stronger middle class by ensuring affordable childcare and creating good jobs by kick-starting manufacturing, helping small businesses and investing in strong community infrastructure.

“I was raised on middle-class values and get the pressures Ontario families face every day,” said Mulcair. “I’m focused on building a stronger middle class and helping families get ahead. Across the country and here in Ontario, we have the team to deliver.”