September 1st, 2015

Time to end Harper’s lost decade

New GDP Forecast Latest Evidence of Conservatives’ Failure

Today’s updated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures are the latest evidence that the Conservative economic plan is failing Canadians, says former provincial finance minister and NDP Candidate (Eglinton-Lawrence), Andrew Thomson.

“The figures released this morning by Statistics Canada were predictable and a disappointing development for Canada,” said Thomson. “Canadians have been paying for the Conservatives’ failures with stagnant incomes and more debt, lost jobs and erosion of their retirement security.”

Today, Statistics Canada confirmed that Canada experienced its second Conservative recession in less than 7 years.

“Let’s be clear: this is not about one day’s statistics, one month’s job numbers or one quarter’s budget numbers. This has been Canada’s lost decade – 10 years of job losses, crumbling infrastructure and tax breaks for the wealthy while the middle class can’t get ahead.”

Thomson was joined by NDP Industry Critic Peggy Nash (Parkdale-High Park) and Deputy Finance Critic Guy Caron (Rimouski—Neigette–Témiscouata–Les Basques) at today’s news conference.

“The Liberals had a different position on balancing the budget virtually every day last week – but it seems they finally landed on racking up untold billions in possible cuts through 2019,” said Nash. “We saw the same Liberal approach in the 1990s with deep and damaging cuts to healthcare, affordable housing and education.”

Only the NDP has a concrete plan to grow Canada’s economy, and create good jobs.

“With 1.3 million Canadians out of work under Stephen Harper, it’s clear they have no plan to create jobs or help middle-class families get ahead and the Liberals have no serious plan,” said Caron. “Canadians need Tom Mulcair and the NDP’s plan for creating jobs and to kickstart the economy – a plan that is costed, prudent and affordable – even in difficult economic times.”