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2014 01 28
Tarik Brahmi to introduce bill to help veterans

New Democrat MP Tarik Brahmi (Saint-Jean) introduced a bill today, amending the Department of Veterans Affairs Act.

First presented in 2011 by the NDP, this bill would allow former members of the Canadian Forces who meet the military occupational classification requirements to be eligible for health care benefits authorized under the Act’s regulations.

“This change is essential—we can’t turn a blind eye to the reality of our soldiers,” said Brahmi. “We have a large military presence in Saint-Jean, and we must do more to ensure that all veterans have access to the health care they need.”    

Brahmi said he’s confident his bill will be adopted because there is an urgent need to implement concrete measures for veterans.

“New Democrats recognize the work and sacrifices of members of the Canadian Forces. They served our country proudly, and it’s now up to the Conservatives to do more to recognize their efforts. Health care isn’t a luxury—it’s essential,” concluded Brahmi. 

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Thomas Mulcair