September 1st, 2015

Summary of Tom Mulcair’s call with Egyptian ambassador on Mohamed Fahmy’s case

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair spoke to Egypt’s envoy to Ottawa earlier today regarding the case of Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy.

Mr. Mulcair indicated Canadians are very worried about the situation. He noted we support Mr. Fahmy and disagree with the court sentence.

Mr. Mulcair noted that we understand deportation is a political decision, at the discretion of the President of Egypt and reiterated that we would like to see Mr. Fahmy return home to Canada as soon as possible.

Mr. Mulcair said he supported the Canadian government’s application for Mr. Fahmy’s pardon and asked the ambassador to convey our support for this request to the President. Mr. Mulcair emphasized the urgency of the President’s response.

Ambassador Motaz Zahran acknowledged Mr. Mulcair’s concerns and agreed to relay them to the Egyptian President.

Mr. Mulcair concluded the call by noting that Canada and Egypt have a strong relationship that he would like to see continued under an NDP government. He emphasized that swift action on the part of the President to resolve Mr. Fahmy’s case would be noted and appreciated.