Stephen Harper’s War on the Middle Class Part II

This week, Stephen Harper’s Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told a few fibs about corporate taxes, claiming the NDP had its figures wrong and his government is collecting more in corporate taxes than when they took power.

At the suggestion of the Finance Minister, we’ve again gone back to “The Tables” in the Public Accounts.

In each of the past four years, corporate tax revenues have been below

the level they were when the Conservatives took power.

In fact, corporate tax revenues are now $5.4 Billion less a year


In each of those four years, personal income tax revenue has been higher than when the Conservatives took power. Conservatives have collected almost $40 billion more in personal income taxes over the past four years


And what about Jim Flaherty’s claim that corporate tax revues are expected to climb in the next few years?

If we compare projections for corporate tax revenues in each of his budgets, we see that Minister Flaherty has been off in his projections by an average of 10% a year


Making things up and bad math. That’s the Conservative record.