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2013 03 05
Stephen Harper’s $116 million in Senate appointments

Stephen Harper once promised “I will not name appointed people to the Senate” – but he has repeatedly broken this promise and has now appointed more Senators than even Brian Mulroney.

Every Senator he appoints costs taxpayers more money. If the Senate isn’t abolished, Stephen Harper’s appointees will be living off the public dime for years – and in some cases even decades.

Harper appointee Patrick Brazeau, has a term that expires in 2049 – putting taxpayers on the hook for over seven million dollars.

In total, Harper’s Senators will cost $116,196,252.

Let’s look at some of Stephen Harper’s costliest appointments –Senators poised to siphon off millions from the wallets of Canadian taxpayers for years to come.


Senator's Name


Future Salary

Patrick Brazeau


$  7,097,504.62

Leo Housakos


$  5,592,540.88

Yonah Martin


$  4,900,518.76

Claude Carignan


$  4,678,261.27

Don Meredith


$  4,678,261.27

Fabian Manning


$  4,678,261.27

Linda Frum


$  4,460,083.69

David Wells


$  4,245,911.14

Josée Verner


$  3,626,695.19

That’s Stephen Harper’s Senate legacy.

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Thomas Mulcair