December 1st, 2012

Statement from Tom Mulcair for World Aids Day 2012

On this World AIDS Day let us pay homage to those whose have been touched by the scourge of our time. Let us honour the memories of those who have lost their lives, support those who are fighting the disease, and salute those who despite everything enjoy every moment of their lives. We also recognise their loved ones.

We give special recognition to those who during the early days of this pandemic, showed love towards their fellow humans and who faced with the unknown chose hope instead of fear.

Let us also acknowledge the researchers who continue to advance the fight against HIV/AIDS. Globally, new infection rates are on the decline and thanks to powerful new drugs, today an HIV diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

There is currently no cure for HIV/AIDS. In Canada an estimated 3,000 new infections will be diagnosed this year. New immigrants, First Nations members, and Canadians with lower-incomes are disproportionately affected. A growing number of new infections are among young people.

Worldwide one in 200 people are infected and of the estimated 14.2 million HIV-positive individuals who need treatment, nearly 8 million are not currently able to access it.

We’ve come a long way but there’s still a long way to go.

Let us work together so that no one has to face this illness in silence or isolation.

Let us work together to build a world without HIV/AIDS.