December 1st, 2013

Statement by the Official Opposition on World Aids Day

The leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair (Outremont) made the following statement on World AIDS Day:

“Today we remember those who have left us and offer our support to those who are fighting HIV/AIDS as well as their loved ones.

We can be proud of the progress made in the fight against this scourge by researchers around the world. Thanks to these advances we are seeing improvements in many countries and the infection rates are falling because more and more people are receiving treatment and can enjoy near-normal lives.

But the struggle against this pandemic is far from over. In Canada 71, 300 people live with AIDS and 3,175 new infections were diagnosed in 2011.

New immigrants, First Nations and low-income Canadians are particularly affected by this virus and there are a growing number of infections among young people.

It is essential to continue raising awareness to achieve the target set by the World Health Organization—which chose the theme Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero deaths from AIDS-related illness.

Our government has a role to play here and elsewhere to ensure better access to treatment and put an end to prejudice, which can be enough to destroy the health of person who is infected.

Let’s work together so that no one has to face their illness in silence or alone.

Let’s work together to build a world without AIDS and without HIV.”