2013 12 05
Statement by the Official Opposition on International Volunteer Day

Official Opposition critic for Employment and Social Development Jinny Sims (Newton-North Delta) made the following statement on International Volunteer Day:

 “Volunteers are major pillars of our society. If you are a volunteer—giving your time to children, the sick, the elderly, our parks, community events, etc.—New Democrats would like to thank you.

The gifts of time and commitment are priceless. All of us benefit from your energy and contributions, and you serve as exemplary citizens.
New Democrats stand by the principle of caring for each other so that no one is left behind. That spirit is captured through your generous service.

Today, let us be mindful of how volunteers touch our lives in countless ways, and where possible, commit this coming year to offering some of our own time or skills to people, local projects or organizations we hold dear. When we work together, our communities and country are stronger."

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