October 15th, 2015

Statement by the NDP regarding an offer of a private briefing on the TPP from the Government of Canada

In response to an offer from the Government of Canada for a private briefing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) the NDP Leader Tom Mulcair wrote to the Prime Minister, including the following text:

"On behalf of New Democrats, I would like to thank you for the offer of a technical briefing on details contained in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. Like all Canadians we are very interested, and extremely concerned, about the details of this agreement and the impact it will have on Canadian jobs, the environment and household budgets.

Over a week ago Minister Fast promised to make all details of the TPP available to Canadians. He has broken that promise. Instead of openness and transparency, Canadians are learning details through leaked information and the government’s own self-serving promotional efforts. That’s not acceptable.

I promised to be open with Canadians and I’ve called on your government to release all of the details of this agreement.

I can’t agree to a private briefing that leaves Canadians in the dark. This secret trade deal will affect all Canadians. It puts their jobs, their environment and their household budgets at risk.

This is a decision that affects all Canadians and every Canadian deserves the facts.

We look forward to a full and frank briefing as soon as one can be provided openly.”