August 15th, 2015

Statement by the NDP on National Acadian Day

The Leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair made the following statement on National Acadian Day:

“Today, Acadians from Eastern Canada and across North America celebrate their national holiday. They have many reasons to be proud of their heritage and the legacy left by their ancestors, who came here from France more than 400 years ago.

Against all odds the Acadian people, who were uprooted from their country of origin, crossed the ocean to settle in what is now Canada before being dispersed throughout North America.

This didn’t prevent the Acadians from growing, thriving and continuing to cherish their language and identity. This year, Université Sainte-Anne in St. Mary’s Bay, Nova Scotia, celebrates its 125th anniversary.

This vitality and the will to survive and thrive can be seen across all Acadian communities.

Currently in Canada, we have a government that shows no interest or respect for Francophones and whose policies are instead aimed at weakening them. Acadians deserve better. Canada deserves better.

On behalf of New Democrats, I wish all Acadians a happy National Acadian Day.