June 4th, 2012

Statement from NDP Leader Tom Mulcair on Remembering 1984

It is with great sorrow that I extend my sympathies on the 28th anniversary of the invasion of the Darbar Sahib complex, also known as the Golden Temple, and dozens of Gurduaras in Punjab, India.

The tragic events that unfolded over the course of those sweltering days in June, and the subsequent killings in November, have deeply hurt the Sikh community, both in India and abroad.

Like our former leader Jack Layton, I firmly stand in solidarity with the community, independent human rights organizations and Canadians across the country, in seeking justice. When innocent lives are lost with no accountability or explanation by the government, we have an obligation, as one democratic nation to another, to ask why and seek honest answers on behalf of our citizens.

As we remember June 1984, I remind Canadians that remembrance is the tie that binds us to our past as it guides us through the challenges of the future.

Lest we forget.