September 7th, 2015

Statement by NDP leader Tom Mulcair on Labour Day

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on Labour Day:

“On this Labour Day 2015, the NDP celebrates the hard work and sacrifice of Canadian men and women. These workers are the strength behind our country’s growth and the key to Canada’s long-term prosperity.

“I want to recognize the solid foundation built by the trade union movement for all workers, which includes a safe workplace, employment equity, the right to negotiate, benefits such as parental leave, health coverage, and the weekend. The labour movement has also fought for decades to meet the promise of a comfortable retirement and economic security later in life that has inspired the work of today’s labour leaders.

“With its aging population, Canada needs to commit to a solid and sustainable pension system for workers. In contrast to the Conservatives’ dismal record supporting Canada’s seniors, the NDP has a comprehensive plan to assist workers as they reach retirement. Whether entering the workforce or nearing retirement, an NDP government will ensure that the Canada and Quebec Pension Plans are there for Canadians.

“Younger Canadians are facing increasing debt loads upon graduation and the reality of today’s economy, where workers are changing employers many times in their careers. This makes it all the more important to ensure pension plans provide income security for future generations. An NDP government will do just that.

“This Labour Day, Canadian seniors and workers can feel at ease knowing the NDP will reverse Old Age Security eligibility age from 67 to 65; protect existing retirees from having their accrued pension benefits reduced by their employer; and lift 200,000 seniors out of poverty with new funding to the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

“New Democrats from across the country stand with Canadian workers and will continue to fight for workers’ priorities from a $15 federal minimum wage to repealing Stephen Harper’s anti-union legislation. We wish them and their families a happy Labour Day.”