July 18th, 2014

Statement by NDP Health Critic on the death of AIDS conference delegates

NDP Health Critic Libby Davies (Vancouver East) made the following statement from the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia:

“The terrible tragedy of all those who lost their lives in yesterday’s Flight MH17 has sent shockwaves around the world.

“With regard to the AIDS researchers and activists who were among the victims, this is an incalculable loss to the global HIV/AIDS community. So many people who have dedicated their life's work to research, advocacy, and support for those living with HIV/AIDS are now gone. At this conference, the loss will be deeply felt by all.

“In the spirit of solidarity, unity and love, we will honour their dedication to humanity and strive to make this world a healthier place. That is how we can pay tribute to them.

“I express my deepest sympathy to the families, friends, and colleagues of those who lost their lives.”