January 12th, 2013

Statement by NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar on the 3rd anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti

As we mark the third anniversary of the Haiti earthquake I extend heartfelt condolences to those who lost family, friends and loved ones to this tragedy. I salute the people of Haiti for the strength they’ve shown in their efforts to help rebuild their country amidst such extreme devastation and destruction.

I also commend aid agencies that have spent many months on the ground partnering with the Haitian population to ensure that those who most need relief have access to it.

As well I urge nations that have made commitments to helping see Haiti through this disaster to increase efforts to ensure that that support is delivered. An estimated 358,000 people are still living in precarious condition in camps across the island, 78,000 of whom are currently under threat of eviction. International assistance would facilitate a more rapid rebuilding of infrastructure that is still in ruins three years later and help families move back to their neighbourhoods.

The people of Haiti are resilient and have survived many similar tragedies. They will undoubtedly emerge from this one stronger than ever.