May 7th, 2013

Statement by NDP finance critic, Peggy Nash, on second reading vote of the budget implementation bill

“After shutting down debate prematurely, and without even taking the time to defend the budget bill in the House of Commons, the Conservative government failed to be transparent and ignored our demands to split the bill for proper study.

Unfortunately for Canadians, the Conservative government voted against our motions that would have divided the proposed changes into several parts, to ensure they are studied in the appropriate committees.

The NDP tried every means to divide this bill, which amends 49 laws and is filled with measures that have nothing to do with the budget. This bill grants broad new powers to the Treasury Board to intervene in free collective bargaining between Crown corporations and their employees and increases taxes on thousands of consumer products that Canadians buy every day.

Sadly, only the Finance committee will have the opportunity to study and propose amendments to this omnibus bill.

Canadians have had enough of the Conservatives’ systematic lack of transparency and their repeated attempts to avoid parliamentary scrutiny. In 2015, they can count on the NDP.”