October 5th, 2012

Statement from NDP EI Critic Anne-Marie Day and Human Resources Critic Chris Charlton

Today’s announcement is welcome news for unemployed Canadians now on EI, particularly seniors and low-income earners who were going to pay the highest price under the flawed and unpopular Conservative changes to employment insurance. The Minister has flip-flopped just days after voting against a New Democrat motion demanding her government rescind this short-sighted change.

We are pleased that the Minister has finally listened to the NDP and agreed to rescind her reckless changes – but her fix hasn’t ensured that all those who work more will get more in the future, as she originally claimed.

These changes are quite complicated. Moving forward, we also urge the Minister to direct Service Canada to help claimants figure out which choice is right for them.

New Democrats will stay focused on this issue to ensure these changes are more than simply a stop-gap measure in the face of mounting public criticism.