October 16th, 2015

Statement from NDP Campaign Director Anne McGrath

NDP National Campaign Director Anne McGrath made the following statement:

“This morning, I issued a letter to the Commissioner of Canada Elections asking him to investigate whether the Liberal Party of Canada, Mr. Daniel Gagnier or TransCanada Corporation committed a violation of the Act. Specifically, the NDP is seeking an investigation with respect to Mr. Gagnier’s now-former role as the Liberal Party’s campaign co-chair and his paid position providing advice to TransCanada Corporation with respect to the Energy East pipeline.

The latest revelations make clear that Mr. Trudeau, as the Leader of the Liberal Party, knew about Mr. Gagnier’s activities for some time. He condoned them, until the media and the public found out. Then, he decided they were inappropriate.

The Elections Act is clear on what constitutes a prohibited contribution, and what constitutes conspiring to cover-up such a contribution. The facts of this matter keep changing, and it now seems clear that both the Liberal Party of Canada and TransCanada Corporation knew of Mr. Gagnier’s activities for some time. Elections Canada needs to investigate this matter, thoroughly and quickly. Canadians are tired of the same-old scandal and corruption. They are tired of swapping Conservative scandals for Liberal scandals at every election.’’