August 4th, 2014

Statement by the Leader of the Official Opposition, Tom Mulcair, on Mela Gadri Babian Da

The leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair made the following statement on Mela Gadri Babian Da:

This time last year, Catherine and I were lucky enough to join in the traditional celebrations in Surrey, B.C. The community welcomed us with open arms, and we experienced the vitality and exuberance of Punjabi culture first hand.

This year also marks the 100th anniversary of the Komagata Maru tragedy. This boat, carrying thousands of immigrants from India, was held for two months in the port of Vancouver before being sent back manu militari to South Asia. The NDP has continued to urge Canadian Parliament to offer an official apology for having approved these laws that prevented Indian immigrants from entering the country.

Today, I would like to highlight the perseverance and endurance that Punjabi Canadians have shown throughout their proud history.

Punjabiyan Dee Peh-chaan, Canada Dee Shaan!