2013 12 20
Statement by the Leader of the Official Opposition on Dongzhi

The leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair (Outremont) made the following statement on Dongzhi:

“The winter solstice festival – more commonly called Dongzhi – is one of the most important celebrations in the Chinese community.

This celebration is an opportunity for families to come together over a huge feast, spend quality time with loved ones and pay tribute to their ancestors.

Unfortunately, many this year are not able to share a feast with their loved ones. Under this Conservative government, long wait times of up to eight years for family reunification cast a shadow over this important family celebrations.

New Democrats would make family reunification a priority. We believe that reuniting families on Canadian soil is a way to reinforce our communities and our economy.

The NDP team joins me in wishing happy celebrations to all Chinese Canadians.”

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