June 23rd, 2014

Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition on the anniversary of the Air India tragedy

The Leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the anniversary of the 1985 Air India tragedy:

“Today marks the 29th anniversary of the worst act of terrorism in Canadian history.

On June 23, 1985, Air India Flight 182 from Toronto to New Delhi exploded over the Atlantic ocean, killing all 329 on board. Many questions remain unanswered to this day.

New Democrats remain committed to work with Canadians and do our share to help ensure that these acts of violence are never repeated.

On behalf of the New Democratic Party of Canada, I extend my deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who died as a result of this tragedy. We stand with them in remembrance as they continue to grieve and mourn the loss of their loved ones.”