October 2nd, 2012

Statement by Employment Insurance Critic, Anne-Marie Day, on the rejection of her EI motion

Canadians clearly cannot count on the Conservatives when it comes to protecting the services they rely on the most, as they showed us once again today.

The Conservatives rejected the NDP motion calling on them to review changes to employment insurance.

These changes have negative repercussions on a large number of Canadians and penalize seasonal and part-time workers. The poorest Canadians will also be affected by this reform.

Nearly 300,000 more Canadians than before the recession are still unemployed and want action from their government, not more cuts to EI.

The NDP will continue to try to make the minister listen to reason and understand that this reform is inadequate. We will continue to propose solutions to help Canadians successively facing Conservative cuts and put in place a job creation plan.