November 21st, 2012

Statement by Dany Morin on rejection of his bullying prevention motion

Today, the Conservatives once again remained indifferent to an issue that affects too many Canadians and have missed an opportunity to take a leadership role in the fight against bullying.

In Canada, one in three adolescents admits they have been victims of bullying. Bullying has serious repercussions on youth, which follow them for the rest of their lives. With new technologies, the phenomenon is growing, especially in social media.

In the last year alone, too many brilliant young people with promising futures took their own lives after being bullied.

We must put an end to bullying and that is why the NDP called on all parties to support the development of a national bullying prevention strategy.

By voting against the National Bullying Prevention Strategy, the Conservatives refused to put partisanship aside to work together for the well-being of children and youth. The Conservative vision, which favours criminalization rather than prevention, condemns our youth to continue suffering from bullying for years to come.

We must put a stop to bullying and cyberbullying. The NDP will continue to fight until a national bullying prevention strategy is established and the federal government is part of the solution.