October 15th, 2015

Statement from Charlie Angus on resignation of Liberal Campaign co-chair

NDP candidate Charlie Angus made the following statement today:

“It's not even election day and already the Trudeau team are having to kick out key liberal insiders for engaging in back room lobbying deals. The fact that Mr. Trudeau has had to kick out his election co-chair Dan Gagnier for opening back channel lobbying to Energy East insiders shows that Justin Trudeau's claims of 'new politics' is really just more of the back room, old boys club.

"I respectfully ask Mr. Trudeau to explain why his key point man on the election was doing outreach to insiders pushing a controversial pipeline proposal. It appears that Mr. Trudeau's insiders are playing by the same tainted rule book as the discredited Harper Conservatives.

"Mr. Trudeau may have thrown Mr. Gagnier under the election bus but he needs to come clean with Canadians on whether Gagnier will be part of Justin's inner circle of advisors once the election is over."

It was revealed that on Monday, Mr. Gagnier advised TransCanda Corporation on how to lobby a new government to get their controversial Energy East pipeline built.

Mr. Gagnier has previously been associated with the Bruce Carson scandal, where he was “in the loop” about influence peddling and illegal lobbying.