October 14th, 2015

Statement from Charlie Angus on reports of Liberal campaign co-chair’s lobbying activities

According to media reports, Liberal campaign co-chair Dan Gagnier has been lobbying for the people behind the Energy East pipeline before the election is even over.

“The Liberal party usually waits until after an election is over to get involved in a scandal,” said NDP candidate Charlie Angus. “It just goes to show that the ‘real change’ Mr. Trudeau is offering is apparently to replace the Conservative ‘old boys club’, with the Liberal ‘old boys club’.”

Before joining Team Trudeau, Gagnier was part of the energy lobby “think tank” EPIC, along with former PMO insider Bruce Carson – now on trial for illegal lobbying and influence peddling.

“This is the same old backroom politics that Canadians have grown so tired of under Mr. Harper. Mr. Trudeau is running to replace Stephen Harper and telling Canadians he is different. Did Mr. Trudeau know that his campaign co-chair was using his influence to continue lobbying for Energy East? Will he ask Mr. Gagnier to step down from his campaign? Canadians need answers.”