October 15th, 2015

Statement by Alexandre Boulerice on Trudeau’s knowledge of Dan Gagnier’s lobbying activities

NDP deputy Ethics critic, Alexandre Boulerice, made the following statement:

“According to media reports, the Liberal Party of Canada and its leader knew for more than a year that Dan Gagnier had acted as a lobbyist to promote TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project. Contrary to what he said this morning, Justin Trudeau shouldn’t have been at all surprised by the allegations concerning Mr. Gagnier in a Canadian Press report. Justin Trudeau knew about Mr. Gagnier’s lobbying from the very beginning and only took action when he was caught.

Mr. Trudeau maintains that he and his team have “the highest ethical standards”. What kind of standards allow a high-level lobbyist to make backroom dealings less than a week from the election? That’s not the kind of ethical behaviour that Canadians are hoping for when they say they want change in Ottawa.

The Liberals have worked hard to create a new image for themselves, but they haven’t changed one bit. It’s still the same old Liberal Party of Canada that gave us the sponsorship scandal.”