July 28th, 2015

Statement from Agriculture and Agri-food Critic Malcolm Allen on the shortage of meat inspectors in Ontario

NDP Agriculture and Agri-Food critic Malcolm Allen (Welland) made the following statement after the Agriculture Union held a press conference to raise concerns about a shortage of meat inspectors in Toronto this morning:

“New Democrats are very concerned after a staffing survey released this morning by the federal food inspector’s union found that inspection teams frequently operate with up to 39 % below minimum of the required number of slaughter inspectors.

Canadians deserve to know the food they’re eating is safe, but the Conservatives’ record on food safety is extremely weak. Yet instead of strengthening our food safety system, the Conservatives have systematically weakened it with budget cuts.

The Minister needs to take action immediately and reassure Canadians that the meat they are buying is safe and has been inspected properly.

The NDP will never target food safety funding. Instead, we would like to reinforce the system in order to protect the health and lives of all Canadians.”