Shipbuilding plan leaves Quebec shipyard vulnerable

Shipbuilding announcement has to be the beginning, not the end: Turmel

OTTAWA – Reacting to the government’s shipbuilding announcement today, NDP Leader Nycole Turmel slammed the Conservatives for picking winners and losers. She said the government has to do more to ensure that Canada’s strategically important shipbuilding industry grows in all regions of Canada.

“This is great news for Nova Scotia and British Columbia, and I congratulate them wholeheartedly. But Canada has the longest coastline in the world, making shipbuilding a critical strategic industry in all corners of this country,” said Turmel. “This government announcement leaves our Quebec area shipbuilding in a more fragile position. The Conservatives have to do much more to ensure that Quebec shipbuilding capacity remains stable and that long-term skilled jobs are created.”

Halifax and North Vancouver were awarded $25 billion and $8 billion, respectively. The $2 billion package of smaller contracts was not awarded, leaving the Davie shipyard and smaller shipyards with the inability to plan long-term.

Turmel called on the government to accelerate the bidding on the next $2 billion of shipbuilding contracts so that other shipyards can bid on the work. She also highlighted the New Democrat’s practical proposals to provide targeted support to all shipyards and specific tax incentives for new investment and job creation.

“This announcement should mark the beginning of our shipbuilding strategy, not the end,” said Turmel. “New Democrats are calling on the government to accelerate the remaining contracts and ensure all of our shipyards benefit from consistent demand and stable employment to eliminate boom and bust cycles. We have to build this industry everywhere, not pick winners and losers like the Conservatives have done.”