May 15th, 2013

Senate expense scandal spreads to PMO, independent investigation needed

Stephen Harper’s Chief of Staff implicated in allegations of a Mike Duffy cash-for-repayment scheme

OTTAWA – Revelations about an alleged cash-for-repayment scheme developed by Mike Duffy and the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Nigel Wright are proof that an independent investigation is needed into the Senate spending scandal, according to the NDP.

New Democrat Ethics critic Charlie Angus(Timmins--James Bay) also reiterated his call for Senators to turn over the investigation into the expense scandal to the police to investigate whether any senators were guilty of breaking the law when they claimed thousands in expenses they were not entitled to.

“On top of the original expense scandal, we now have allegations of unethical behaviour and cover-ups inside the Prime Minister’s Office—reaching right up to Stephen Harper’s chief of staff,” said Angus. “Conservatives must agree to an independent investigation into these troubling allegations involving his most senior advisors.”

“We have the abuse of taxpayers’ dollars, the leaking of a confidential audit report and allegations of a ‘cash-for-repayment’ scheme quarterbacked right out of the PMO,” said Angus. “The dark cloud of ethical failures hanging over the Prime Minister’s Office is growing larger.”

“This is a very serious charge against Stephen Harper’s right-hand man. The prime minister cannot bury his head in the sand hoping it will go away.”