March 5th, 2013

Sad Senate Facts

Sometimes, the facts about the unelected, unaccountable and under investigation Senate just speak for themselves.

  • The average number of work days for the average Senator in 2011-12 was 56 days
  • 19 Senators have missed more than a quarter of their work days in 2011-12
  • Since the Conservatives took power there have been 789 sitting days of the House – yet Senate reform bills have been debated on only 18 days
  • It took the combined annual taxes of 28 hard-working Canadian families just to pay for Senator Wallin’s ‘Other’ Travel
  • The $350,000 Senator Pamela Wallin racked up in travel would pay the OAS of 57 seniors for a year

Considering that they only work 3 days a week, those are some impressive numbers racked up by Canadian democracy’s 19th century relic.

While Conservatives continue to defend Senate entitlements, New Democrats will defend taxpayers.