February 21st, 2012

Record number of members set to choose NDP leader

Leadership contest engaging Canadians as 128,351 members set to vote

OTTAWA – Updated membership numbers released today show remarkable growth since the party’s historic breakthrough in 2011. In all, 128,351 New Democrats are now eligible to vote for the next Leader of the Official Opposition. That’s a massive 50% increase since just last October.

“Canadians are really engaged and involved in our leadership race – as these historic numbers show,” said New Democrat National Director Chantal Vallerand. “Canadians are turning to New Democrats in record amounts in order to defeat Stephen Harper and elect a Prime Minister for all Canadians.”

The growth was driven by skyrocketing numbers in every region of the country, including a 700% increase in Quebec membership to 12,266 - up from just 1,700 in October.

The NDP leadership vote will be held March 24 in Toronto. In order to accommodate the record number of registered delegates, the party recently upgraded to a larger venue, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

“This leadership campaign is about choosing the next leader of the Official Opposition, but also the next Prime Minister,” said Vallerand. “Stephen Harper has turned his back on everyday Canadians, and people want a strong alternative. That’s why we’ve seen such a dramatic increase on our membership. A strong base of New Democrats will be such an asset as we take on Stephen Harper and work to defeat him in 2014.”

NDP Membership Numbers

Province Feb 2012 Oct 2011 AB 10,249 9033 BC 38,735 30,000 MB 12056 10,307 NB 955 (Not previously reported) NL 1030 200 NS 3844 1300 NT/NU/YK 924 (Not previously reported) ON 36,760 22,225 PE 268 135 QC 12,266 1695 SK 11,264 8929 TOTAL 128,351 83,824

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