2015 04 22
NDP REALITY CHECK: What IS Justin Trudeau’s position small on business tax cuts?

Yesterday, Justin Trudeau once again made it painfully clear that he has no plan for the economy, or a sense of where he stands on major policy issues. He’s simply not ready to lead.  ...

2015 04 22
NDP REALITY CHECK: About that contingency fund

“We won’t be using a contingency fund. A contingency fund is there for unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters.”

– Jason Kenney, The West Block, Global, January 18th 2015  ...

2015 04 15
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau - a part-time supporter of women’s right to choose

On Thursday, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will join Prince Edward Island Liberal Leader Wade MacLauchlan for some red team rah-rah at a Summerside rally.  ...

2015 04 08
Was Mike Duffy eligible to sit as a Senator when he was appointed by Stephen Harper?

In his opening statement at the trial of Conservative-appointed senator, Mike Duffy, Crown prosecutor Mark Holmes said Duffy was "probably ineligible" under the Constitution to sit as a Senator from PEI.  ...

2015 03 25
NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservatives spending ten times more on war than aid?

As the Canadian Press reports today, the Conservatives have spent $100 million on aid to the people of Iraq since last year.

But in six months alone, the government itself has estimated that it spent $122 million on the military mission, bombing runs by CF-18s and special operations in Iraq.  ...

2015 03 25
NDP REALITY CHECK: What IS the legal rationale for bombing in Syria?

Yesterday, when Tom Mulcair asked Stephen Harper to provide the legal basis for bombing in Syria, the Prime Minister got up and read from a piece of paper where he said the following:  ...

2015 03 24
NDP REALITY CHECK: Can’t have it both ways – more mixed messages on Iraq war from Justin Trudeau’s Liberals

Today Justin Trudeau declared he doesn’t support the expansion of Stephen Harper’s military mission in Iraq and Syria.

But moments after he finished his speech in the House, Liberal defence critic Joyce Murray was out explaining to reporters that if elected, Liberals will actually keep the war going until at least March 2016.  ...

2015 03 18
NDP REALITY CHECK: Trickle-Down Racism in the Conservative Ranks

Mere weeks since the Prime Minster attempted to score political points by linking mosques to terrorism, it seems Conservative MPs are taking their cue from the Prime Minister when it comes to stoking intolerance and spouting racially-charged remarks.  ...

2015 03 10
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau believes in liberty, just not standing up for it

“I believe that one of the highest aims of Canadian political leadership is to protect and expand freedom for Canadians.”

- Justin Trudeau, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, March 9, 2015  ...

2015 03 05
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau says it’s up to “everyone else” to oppose C-51

Justin Trudeau was on the hot seat last night at a Liberal Party event over his position on Stephen Harper’s over-reaching terror bill.

Trudeau said it was up to “everyone else” to oppose the bill – while he and his Liberal MPs would continue to fall in behind Stephen Harper and support the controversial Conservative legislation.  ...

2015 03 05
NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservative MP says Stephen Harper crossing the line with partisan use of terror threat

Instead of focusing on middle class families falling further behind and job losses stacking up, Conservatives are using the threat of terror to stoke fear among the public and fundraise for the Conservative Party.   ...

2015 03 05
NDP REALITY CHECK: Promised regional investments Conservatives failed to get out the door: Denis Lebel cannot explain his negligence

Responding to NDP criticisms for failing to get $130 million out the door in promised job creation investments in Quebec, Denis Lebel released an absurd and inaccurate statement in response.  ...

2015 03 03
NDP REALITY CHECK: Good afternoon PMO, how are all those subpoenas going?

“The facts here are very clear. Mr. Wright decided to take an action on his own initiative, using his own funds.”

– Stephen Harper, House of commons, October 22nd, 2013  ...

2015 03 02
The unwavering vacillations of Justin Trudeau on the Iraq war

“There's never been any debate within the Liberal Party about whether or not we should be part of this mission.” 

– Justin Trudeau, CTV Question Period, March 1, 2015  ...

Thomas Mulcair