2014 07 22
Did the Liberals read the Parliament of Canada Act?

As the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE) is scheduled to meet this afternoon, the Liberals plan to yet again team up with the Conservatives and attack the NDP. Their argument is as clear as mud: the NDP shouldn’t have broken a rule… that was created out of thin air last spring… and now applies retroactively.

2014 07 09
Another day of Conservative corruption on trial: former top adviser to Stephen Harper on trial for influence-peddling while former ethics spokesperson faces election spending charges

Bruce Carson, a convicted fraudster hired by the Prime Minister as a Senior Advisor is back in an Ottawa court today facing charges of influence peddling. Meanwhile, in Peterborough, former Conservative MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Dean Del Mastro is charged with breaking election spending laws and failing to report $21,000 in expenses from the 2008 election.

2014 07 07
Minister Alexander suddenly finds answers on Syrian refugees

Now that the House is on break and he is no longer facing daily questions about the management of his files, Minister Chris Alexander has suddenly discovered that he does know how many Syrian refugees are in Canada.

2014 07 03
Conservatives’ selective memory of Canadian history

144 years ago – July 3rd, 1870 – R.B. Bennett, Canada’s 11th Prime Minister, is born. 

2014 06 27
Time for the Conservatives’ constitutional throwdown to stop

In a major speech today at the 2014 Constitutional and Human Rights Conference, past president of the Canadian Bar Association Simon Potter blasted the Harper Conservatives for failing to uphold the Charter of Rights.

2014 06 27
Stephen Harper rewards yet another friend… and taxpayers again left holding the bill

Myriam Taschereau – former conservative candidate in Quebec and ex-PMO employee – just won a job from the Conservatives as a citizenship judge.

2014 06 26
More Conservative rule breaking, more trouble for Peter MacKay

This morning, Canada’s Ethics Commissioner delivered a guilty verdict against Peter MacKay’s friend and handpicked patronage appointee John Lynn, lately of the Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation.

2014 06 18
Say it ain’t so? Shutting down debate for the 75th time?

As Conservative MPs scramble to get out of Ottawa as soon as possible, Government House Leader Peter Van Loan is outdoing himself when it comes to legislative laziness.

2014 06 17
Liberals skip climate change debate for a pizza party

You can't expect to get a job if you don't show up to the job interview. But last night, Adam Vaughan, the Liberal candidate for Trinity-Spadina, cancelled his participation to a climate change debate – for a pizza party.

2014 06 12
Hey Lisa Raitt, is Canada Post an arm’s-length crown corporation?

Today Lisa Raitt promised to direct Canada Post to go after the NDP, as part of the kangaroo court findings by the Liberals and Conservatives.

2014 06 11
Liberals want one set of rules for themselves and another – made up on the fly – for their opponents

In January, Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc stated the following:

2014 06 11
Justin Trudeau flip flops – again

While Justin Trudeau is now claiming that reforming the Board of Internal Economy and expanding Access to Information is a priority, it’s worth keeping a few facts in mind.

2014 06 11
A year later, Conservatives and Liberals are still happy to have a secretive Board of Internal Economy

Last June, the NDP proposed eliminating the secretive Board of Internal Economy and replacing it with an arm’s length body, free of political interference. Liberals and Conservatives first supported this change – then killed it when the public’s attention was diverted.

2014 06 03
Which piece of mail is the most partisan? You be the judge

The Kangaroo Court of Conservatives and Liberals on the secretive Board of Internal Economy ruled that Conservative and Liberal mail into ridings are just fine, while NDP ones are “partisan”.