2016 05 10
NDP reality check: What liberals said about the Conservative omnibus budget bill?

Today the Liberals moved time allocation to shut down debate on their 179 page omnibus bill which amends 35 separate Acts and regulations. Just like the Conservatives did before them.  ...

2016 05 04
Liberals take page from Conservative playbook with omnibus budget bill

When the Conservatives bundled changes to dozens of laws into an omnibus budget bill in order to ram them through Parliament with little to no debate, the Liberals were beside themselves with anger and disappointment.  ...

2016 04 26
Liberals recycled privatization schemes belong in the trash

The Liberal Government made big commitments on new infrastructure spending during the election, and while yesterday's announcement falls more than $3.4 billion short of what they promised, it also highlights their privatization scheme.  ...

2016 04 25
Reality check: how many liberal promises does it take to change a tanker law?

If you were surprised to read today’s Bloomberg News report that “Enbridge’s Gateway Resuscitated as Trudeau Wavers on Tankers”,  you’re not alone.  ...

2016 04 18
NDP Reality Check: Flexible Liberal Ethics

When is an ethics code more of a suggestion than a rule?

When you're the Liberal Minister of Justice, as it turns out.

The rules that the Liberals made banning selling access to Ministers are clear:  ...