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2015 06 29
NDP REALITY CHECK: Liberal environmental policy – lots of hot air but still no targets

Today, Justin Trudeau delivered a speech full of promises on the environment but with few details and plenty of policies borrowed from Tom Mulcair’s NDP.  ...

2015 06 25
NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservatives promised to fix Ottawa – now their Ethics Spokesperson is going to jail

Today, Dean Del Mastro – the man Prime Minister Stephen Harper handpicked to be the Conservatives’ Ethics Spokesperson – was sentenced to jail time after being convicted of breaking election laws.  ...

2015 06 23
NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservative appointees partying it up – and leaving taxpayers with the bill

Stephen Harper came to Ottawa promising to clean up Liberal corruption, entitlement and patronage in the wake of the Sponsorship scandal – but Harper broke that promise.  ...

2015 06 23
NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservatives and French – too little, too late!

For 10 years in power, the Conservatives ignored Quebec and showed little respect for the French language. Now, just days before St. Jean Baptiste and Quebec’s national holiday, Stephen Harper has woken up and reminded his ministers in a letter to Cabinet about their “duty to continue to reinforce Canada’s linguistic duality” and to “promote the French language.”   ...

2015 06 16
Liberals jumping ship

Team Trudeau has taken a bit of a hit in recent days, with four candidates departing the ranks of the nominated and accusations flying of increasingly undemocratic nomination processes.  ...

2015 06 16
Real Change is too hard for Trudeau Liberals

As Justin Trudeau races to make desperate promises to do things differently, let’s look at his real record.

The same Liberal leader who forced his caucus to stand with Conservatives and vote for bill C-51, knowing full well it could be used to stifle dissent, has had a troubled relationship with democracy from the start:  ...

2015 06 12
NDP REALITY CHECK: Senators named in AG report owe nearly a million dollars – but cost taxpayers almost $76 million

The full cost to taxpayers – just for salaries – of the Senators named in Auditor General’s report is a whopping $75,017,502.08

 Total Senate expenses flagged by the Auditor General amount to $991,917.00  ...

2015 06 09
REALITY CHECK: Conservative Guide to Senate Scandal Cover-ups



Step-by-step instructions for the proper handling of wrongdoing in the Senate:  ...

2015 06 09
REALITY CHECK: Senate Scandal Primer – Who do we know in the PMO?

“The facts here are very clear. Mr. Wright decided to take an action on his own initiative, using his own funds.”

– Stephen Harper, House of commons, October 22nd, 2013  ...

2015 06 09
REALITY CHECK: Trudeau Senate Flip-Flop

Today, you’ll hear Liberals claiming that any real change in the Senate is impossible. They like to do that.

In October 2013, the NDP put forward a motion to force senators out of party caucuses.  ...

2015 06 09
REALITY CHECK: Stephen Harper’s sad record on the Senate

Once upon a time, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives promised they would reform the Senate.

The Prime Minister even vowed he would never appoint a single Senator.  ...

2015 06 08
NDP REALITY CHECK: Harper’s hand-picked Senate Speaker thinks you should thank him

Stephen Harper’s hand-picked Senate Speaker Leo Housakas has gone on the defensive and claimed that despite being flagged by the Auditor General for $6,770 in questionable contracts and travel claims, he has done nothing wrong.  ...

2015 06 08
NDP REALITY CHECK: Did Stephen Harper know his pick to be the most powerful Senator, Leo Housakos, was about to be named in the AG’s audit?

A troubling timeline is emerging when it comes to how senior Conservative and Liberal Senators prepared for the release of the Auditor General’s explosive audit into the Senate spending scandal.  ...

2015 06 05
NDP REALITY CHECK: The cost of self-serving Senate leadership

Initial reports indicate that key senate leaders are among the thirty senators found to have filed ineligible expenses by the Auditor General in an audit report to be released next week.  ...

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