2014 04 15
Beware of unelected Senators claiming to fix the Unfair Elections Act

The last people you can trust to fix elections laws are unelected, unaccountable Conservative and Liberal Senators.

2014 04 15
While Obama calls out voter suppression, Pierre Poilievre takes page from the Republicans’ dirty tricks book

In a recent speech at the National Action Network convention in New York City, U.S. President Barack Obama addressed the issue of voter suppression and voter ID laws.

2014 04 14
Conservative Senator Linda Frum (once again) attacking Elections Canada

Even a Conservative-dominated Senate Committee is now acknowledging the Unfair Elections Act has crossed the line of basic fairness, and is recommending amendments.

2014 04 14
The dwindling list of acceptable voter identification

Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre happily parrots off lists of identification he claims Canadians can use to vote. But his claims are misleading.

2014 04 10
Liberals want to debate, except when they don’t

Liberals are now claiming they want to prevent the government from using time allocation and shutting down debate on any amendments to the Canada Elections Act and the Parliament of Canada Act.

2014 04 09
Stephen Harper – “practices that we are more likely to find in third world countries”

Stephen Harper is ramming through the Unfair Elections Act and using Time Allocation to avoid debate.

2014 04 09
Claim vs Reality – Aglukkaq’s Revisionist History

Claim: “When 9/11 occurred in Nunavut I was in the cabinet at the time.” -Leona Aglukkaq, APTN April 8, 2014

2014 04 07
Conservatives love creating jobs… for Temporary Foreign Workers

While the Conservative government says they will be there for out of work Canadians, as usual, their actions don’t match their spin.

2014 03 19
Meet your new finance minister

Today, Joe Oliver has been sworn in as the new finance minister, replacing Jim Flaherty, who is slowly retreating to the private sector.

2014 03 13
Conservatives oppose youth voting, especially the kind that includes a YouTube video

Pity the Conservatives and their paranoid ways. 

2014 03 11
Bizarre Quotes

Early this morning, a federal department issued a press release that said:

2014 03 07
Vic Toews gets the patronage appointment he waited his whole life for

Today the federal Conservative government appointed former Cabinet Minister Vic Toews to the bench in Manitoba. 

2014 03 06
Conservatives move shut down debate, again – this time to try and disrupt testimony they don’t like at committee

The Conservatives again broke their own record for shutting down debate by using Time Allocation for the 52nd and 53rd time. Add this to the six uses of closure, the most recent being to shut down debate on Brad Butt’s lies to the House of Commons, and you have 59 instances and counting of the Conservatives shutting down debate.

2014 03 05
NDP Congratulates Liberal Party on playing catch up with the NDP on transparency

Today, the Liberal Party is proposing a motion that will have MP expenses posted by the House of Commons, rather than rely on a system of self-reporting as the Liberals originally proposed.