2015 02 11
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau and the Oil Lobby

As Canadians continue to call for a more sustainable energy policy and respect for the environment, it’s disconcerting to see the extent to which the oil lobby has penetrated into Justin Trudeau’s inner circle.  ...

2015 02 11
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau and the Eve Adams defection: compromising principles

“[W]hen you start to compromise your principles, you’re through.”

– Justin Trudeau, February 22, 2014

The reviews are in, and the Liberal backroom deals of Monday aren’t looking so good:  ...

2015 02 10
NDP REALITY CHECK: Record of manipulation, bullying and dirty tricks? Come on down, you’re the next Liberal MP!

Justin Trudeau says he’s impressed by Eve Adams’ commitment to public services. But what did the Liberal leader have to say about Eve Adams when allegations about her behavior towards a riding association emerged less than a year ago?  ...

2015 02 09
NDP REALITY CHECK: Hypocrisy Alert: Cast-off right-wing MP turns back on voters, joins Trudeau Liberals

A floor-crossing is always a betrayal of voters, and an exercise in old-school politics. But today’s defection of a cast-off Conservative to the Trudeau Liberals raises the bar on political hypocrisy.  ...

2015 02 06
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau – Still lost on the environment

After raising expectations he would make a concrete proposal on the environment, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau failed to present a real plan for fighting climate change, making polluters pay for the pollution they create, or for properly balancing the environment and the economy.  ...

2015 02 06
NDP REALITY CHECK: Cost of the Conservatives Crime Agenda

Today Peter McKay was at the Economic Club of Canada boasting about his Government’s “tough on crime” agenda. But can Conservatives really claim credit for reducing crime?  ...

2015 01 29
NDP REALITY CHECK: What’s Justin Trudeau’s view on the backroom Sudbury deals?

“Mr. Speaker, the word ‘flip-flop’ gets overused sometimes, but in the case of the Liberal Party and Iraq, we have seen so many flip-flops, five of them actually, we have had to coin a new word, the ‘fifth-flop’.”  ...

2015 01 28
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau supports half of the mission in Iraq

Now that Canadian Forces on the ground have been engaged in combat with enemy forces in Iraq, Justin Trudeau has an interesting take on things. Last week the Department of National Defence revealed that Canadian soldiers who are participating in an “advise and assist” role have in fact been engaging in direct fire and directing the dropping of bombs.  ...

2015 01 22
NDP REALITY CHECK: So when did that combat/non-combat mission start?

More confused messages today from the Conservatives on Canada’s role in the war in Iraq. The Chief of Defence Staff now says that Canadian participation at the front lines assisting in targeting was always part of the mission, even though he denied that would be happening in October.  ...

2015 01 22
NDP REALITY CHECK: Trudeau’s manufacturing woes

Perhaps tired of criticism that he has no plans, the Liberal leader attempted to roll out two ideas on the future of manufacturing in Southern Ontario in two days – never mind that they are directly contradictory.  ...

2015 01 22
NDP REALITY CHECK: Pierre Poilievre’s “Respect” for Taxpayers – No Questions, Please

Pierre Poilievre likes to talk about respecting the taxpayer, but he doesn’t seem to think Canadians have a right to know how he’s spending their money.  ...

2015 01 21
NDP REALITY CHECK: Trudeau wants to take your pension for a test drive

As the Liberal retreat comes to a close, they’ve managed to come up with just one new policy proposal: making pension plans pay for infrastructure.  ...

2015 01 21
NDP REALITY CHECK: Tony Clement’s “Commitment” to Open Data

“Open Data is about offering Government data in useful machine-readable formats to enable citizens, the private sector, and non-government organizations to leverage it in innovative and value-added ways.”  ...

2015 01 20
NDP REALITY CHECK: Stephen Harper in September “Canadian soldiers are not accompanying the Iraqi forces into combat”

Yesterday the Prime Minister’s Office assured journalists that despite Canadian Forces being involved in combat in Iraq, they were still not on a “combat mission”.  ...

2015 01 20
NDP REALITY CHECK: NDP has the best record on creating and protecting jobs while in government

Not only are NDP governments the best fiscal managers, according to Finance Canada statistics, the evidence shows that New Democrat governments also do the best when it comes to tackling unemployment.  ...

2015 01 20
NDP REALITY CHECK: Just the Facts on the “most transparent Government in Canadian History”

"Our Government is the most transparent government in Canadian history”

- Tony Clement, December 19, 2012

How are Conservatives really doing? According to the most recent Access to Information Act Bulletin, last year:  ...

2015 01 19
NDP REALITY CHECK: NDP still best fiscal managers – Liberals are the worst: Finance Canada

Justin Trudeau’s brain trust certainly got awfully excited by the NDP caucus meetings last week – making things up and engaging in negative attacks.  ...

2015 01 19
NDP REALITY CHECK: A History of Failure: Liberals and Conservatives on the Access to Information Act

The Conservatives are kicking off 2015 by continuing one of the Liberal Party’s great traditions: promising a more open government, but instead governing in the same old secretive style, breaking all their promises to fix the Access to Information Act.  ...

2015 01 14
NDP REALITY CHECK: Leona Aglukkaq continues her lies

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) recently caught up with Leona Aglukkaq, Conservative Minister of the Environment and MP for Nunavut.  ...

2015 01 12
NDP REALITY CHECK: New Minister of Veterans Affairs – what better way to start a mandate than with failure?

‏@ErinOTooleMP After some initial meetings I spent my 1st day as MVA calling & listening to leading veterans organizations starting with the @RCL_DC  ...

2015 01 09
Employment Minister Jason Kenney reacts to poor job numbers: “LA! LA! LA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

@kenneyjason: Great to see the creation of 54,000 full time #jobs last month

– Twitter, January 9, 2015

Woot indeed Minister! But if Jason Kenney took the trouble to read the whole Statistics Canada report, he would have learned that these new jobs were more than offset by 58,000 jobs lost.  ...

2015 01 07
Small Government? Not when it comes to Stephen Harper’s Buddies!

Before he was Prime Minister, Stephen Harper painted himself as a proponent of small government and a defender of austerity:

“I tend to come from the small government end of conservatism.”  ...

2015 01 05
New Conservative Minister Erin O’Toole – a new start or more of the same for Veterans Affairs?


After the dismal performance of Julian Fantino – noted for his heartless comments about veterans offices simply being administrative points of contact as he closed down Veterans Affairs offices across the country, no one can question the fact it was time for a fresh face ready to change things.  ...

Thomas Mulcair