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2014 12 15
Justin Trudeau – late to the party on pipelines

So Justin Trudeau has concerns about the Energy East pipeline? Well that’s new.

It was less than two months ago that his fellow Liberals stood up and voted with the Conservatives against an NDP motion opposing TransCanada’s proposed oil export terminal at Cacouna.  ...

2014 12 04
Trudeau stands with Harper, votes against a fairer voting system for Canada

For anyone who wants fairer elections, it was disappointing to see Justin Trudeau continue to stand with Stephen Harper and oppose electoral reform – even while 16 members of his caucus defied his leadership and voted in favour of the NDP’s proposal to change Canada’s voting system.  ...

2014 12 02
Conservative Failure Trio - #Breaking

Yesterday three Conservative Ministers who have mastered the art of failure had a chance to pick up their game. Here’s what happened:

Julian Fantino:  ...

2014 12 01
The weakest Conservative trio

There’s nothing like a strong ending to a session, and three Conservative Ministers seem intent on going out with a bang:

Julian Fantino:

The Auditor General found that “Veterans Affairs Canada is not adequately facilitating timely access to mental health services” Announced $200 million over six years, only to later clarify that it was over 50 years Was so impressed with himself that he left the country  ...

2014 11 27
Congratulations to Senator Pierre Claude Nolin

Yesterday Stephen Harper named Senator Pierre Claude Nolin the new Speaker of the unelected and unaccountable upper chamber.

And maybe the last Speaker of the Senate?  ...

2014 11 25
Julian Fantino – on the run

There’s a saying in the Canadian Forces: “When the Generals don’t know what to do, they do what they know”

For Julian Fantino, that means travelling to a foreign country when an Auditor General’s report is released.  ...

2014 11 18
Trudeau’s transparent hypocrisy on the Board of Internal Economy

Last Spring, while the Liberals were conspiring with Conservatives turn the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE) into a kangaroo court to attack the NDP, repeated New Democrat requests to have the meeting go public were denied.  ...

2014 11 04
Elizabeth May’s climate conference hypocrisy

This week, the Green Party sent out a fundraising email questioning our commitment to fighting climate change  and attacking the NDP for not sending representatives to recent meetings of the Conferences of the Parties (COP) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.  ...

Thomas Mulcair