2014 09 29
Conservative Question Period mantra – show up if you can…at least when the boss is around!

In responding to the NDP proposal to make government responses to questions relevant in the House of Commons, government House Leader Peter Van Loan had the following to say:

2014 09 25
Conservatives to shut down debate for the 76th and 77th times?

Some conservatives might feel good about supporting Michael Chong’s bill last night, but they’ll line up today to shut down debate on two bills.

2014 09 24
Six of the dumbest things said by Paul Calandra

The following are six of the dumbest things that Paul Calandra has said in the House of Commons in response to questions. Keep in mind that he is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada, and received an extra bonus of $16,300 in salary this year for his illustrious role:

2014 09 23
Liberals to Conservatives: Stop raiding the EI fund, like we did while in government

Today in debate on their incorrectly costed EI proposal, Liberal finance critic Scott Brison said:

2014 09 23
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and his brain trust just can’t get their math straight

Today in the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau is pushing a confused and misdirected corporate tax credit. Since proposing this measure last week, Liberals have now tried to use five different numbers to explain it.

2014 09 23
Liberals raid the Employment Insurance Fund – Round 2

Once again, the Liberals are proposing to raid the contributions of workers to give tax cuts to companies. This time it’s for an ill thought out corporate tax credit that isn’t guaranteed to create any jobs.

2014 09 22
While Chrétien sounds a warning, Trudeau’s Liberals fall in behind the Harper Conservatives on Iraq conflict

This weekend, former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien pointed out that by agreeing to sending soldiers into Iraq, we’re already involved for the long-haul. He cast doubt on claims that Canada won’t be involved in combat. He also added:

2014 09 18
Harper Hypocrisy Watch: Conservatives boost spending on political staff in satellite offices

You may remember Canada’s Conservatives from such complaints as “how dare you have regional satellite offices”, “regional offices are the worst” and other such bits of fake indignation.

2014 09 17
What’s up with Justin Trudeau and Iraq?

Justin Trudeau has sent some contradictory messages on Canada’s role in Iraq:

2014 09 17
Liberals give up on first economic proposal of the new session – and it’s only Wednesday

On Monday, Justin Trudeau botched his first ever economic policy announcement--an ill-thought-out response to Stephen Harper on Employment Insurance.

2014 09 16
Math is hard if you’re Justin Trudeau

Yesterday Justin Trudeau announced that he would create 176,000 jobs for a mere $225 million in cash from the EI fund.

2014 09 15
Reminder to Liberals - remember that vote on the China-Canada Foreign Investment Protection Agreement?

What have the Liberals been telling Canadians about the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA)?

2014 09 12
Friday Afternoon Harper Special – Let’s Give China Control over Investments!

The word in Ottawa today is that Stephen Harper will quietly ratify the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) before the weekend.

2014 09 12
Bring out your anti-choice, anti-gay MPs and nomination candidates fellow Conservatives!

There’s no moral crusader like an old moral crusader, and the Conservative MP and challenger seeking the nomination in Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner have proven that.

2014 08 25
Conservatives continue to denigrate unemployed Canadians

By now, we are all familiar with how the Conservative government likes to vilify unemployed Canadians.

2014 08 20
Reality Check: does Minister Ambrose understand her own file?

Conservative health minister Rona Ambrose’s speech this week to the Canadian Medical Association suggests she doesn’t understand the biggest challenges facing Canadian health care. Perhaps it’s because her government helped create them.

2014 08 13
NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservative and Liberal “Payback” at the Board of Internal Economy

Yesterday saw the return of the Conservative-Liberal Kangaroo Court coalition, sometimes known as the secretive Board of internal Economy, and John Duncan once again gleefully declaring the NDP would have to pay back money because they broke all the rules.

2014 08 11
Justin Trudeau: I’m going to be such a good Prime Minister! (NB: Child care and First Nations not included)

In an interview Justin Trudeau conducted with the Vancouver Sun, journalist Peter O’Neil noted:

2014 08 06
The Liberal Party on European Trade: “At some point though we need to see what it is we’re actually supporting”

Remember when Chrystia Freeland was going to provide policy heft to her leader’s thin background on important issue like trade and the economy?