2015 02 27
The NDP calls for the Supreme Court to intervene

The NDP has lost all faith in the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE) and has decided to turn to the Supreme Court of Canada to allow justice run its course and to finally put an end to the partisan attacks being waged by the Conservatives and Liberals.   ...

2015 02 27
NDP demands that Energy East documents be submitted in French

The NDP is once again urging Parliament to demand that TransCanada submit its documents for the Energy East project in both official languages.

“Quebec is at the heart of the Energy East project, and addressing Quebeckers in French is a simple matter of respect,” said MP Pierre Nantel (Longueuil—Pierre-Boucher) who has tabled a motion aimed at requiring all National Energy Board (NEB) documents to be made available in both English and French.   ...

2015 02 25
NDP critical of Senate attempt to block transgender rights

On this Anti-bullying Day, the NDP is criticizing the unelected Senate for blocking Bill C-279 aimed at protecting the rights of transgender people, after it was legitimately adopted two years ago by elected members of all parties in the House of Commons.   ...

2015 02 25
Mulcair stands up for Canadian farmers

Conservatives must take action to protect our beef exports

In the wake of a new case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in Canadian beef, NDP leader Tom Mulcair is calling on the Conservatives to take swift action to protect Canadian farmers.  ...

2015 02 23
Liberal Party actions compromise Canadian diplomacy

Justin Trudeau is putting Canada’s international relations at risk for his own partisan benefit by inviting foreign diplomats to attend partisan events.  ...

2015 02 20
The NDP will protect passenger train services

New Democrats are taking action to ensure more reliable passenger train service with legislation aimed at preventing federal cuts that threaten those services to rural communities.  ...

2015 02 19
NDP standing up for rights and freedoms

Today NDP Public Safety Critic Randall Garrison (Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca) tabled the following amendments in the House of Commons:

That the motion be amended by deleting all the words after the word “That” and substituting the following:  ...

2015 02 19
Removal of ban on citronella is a victory for Canadians

Health Canada’s decision to reverse the ban on citronella bug sprays is a victory for consumers and for science-based decision-making. The NDP had strongly urged the conservative government to reconsider its verdict on citronella because it wasn’t supported by scientific evidence.  ...

2015 02 19
NDP will protect the environment and grow the economy

House debates NDP bill to cut emissions and make polluters pay

NDP Urban Affairs critic Matthew Kellway (Beaches – East York) is urging all MPs to support his bill, The Climate Change Accountability Act, which sets out real action to reduce emissions and combat climate change.  ...

2015 02 18
Protecting Canadians must include protecting freedoms

After a careful analysis of Bill C-51, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has announced that New Democrats will oppose it.

“Terrorism is a real threat, and public safety must be the priority for any government. But we cannot protect our freedoms by sacrificing them,” said Mr. Mulcair. “We have a responsibility to stand up for our values and to never allow these cowardly attackers to change our way of life.”  ...

2015 02 17
Conservatives accused of breaking the law to hide the full cost of war in Iraq

Today the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) released estimates that the incremental cost of the Iraq war could be higher than a quarter of a billion dollars in one year, noting that the complete cost of the mission could be six times higher.  ...

2015 02 17
NDP will protect interns

New Democrats are calling on all MPs to crack down on the abuse of unpaid internships and extend workplace standards and safety provisions to interns. NDP’s Intern Protection Act C-636 will have its first hour of debate in parliament tonight.  ...

2015 02 16
Conservatives vote against tax break for small business and jobs for the middle class

NDP Industry critic Peggy Nash (Parkdale–High Park) made the following statement on the defeat of her motion:

"Over the past ten years the Conservatives have failed to manage the economy and middle class families are paying the price. Canadians are working harder than ever but falling further behind.   ...

2015 02 13
Harper government needs to reassure consumers and beef exporters

The discovery of a new case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in an Alberta beef herd means the Conservative government must take swift action to maintain food safety and consumer confidence. Mad cow disease once devastated Canadian agriculture, causing billions of dollars in financial losses to beef and cattle producers.  ...

2015 02 12
Conservatives need to prevent tax fraud

The Conservative government needs to step up tax laws and enforcement without delay in response to a tax evasion scheme involving HSBC, in order to stop companies from helping Canadians commit tax evasion.  ...

2015 02 11
The Conservative government needs to keep the Mont-Mégantic Observatory open

The Mont-Mégantic Observatory is set to close down because of the Conservative’s budget cuts. The NDP is urging the federal government to keep this one-of-a-kind research centre up and running, as it is essential to the scientific community.  ...

2015 02 11
Working together to protect belugas

The combined efforts of citizens, environmentalists and the NDP have paid off—TransCanada has finally decided to scrap its oil port project in Cacouna, Quebec.  ...

2015 02 10
Conservatives adopt NDP plan on drug shortages

After years of defending the broken system of voluntary reporting, the Conservatives have finally adopted the NDP proposal to require mandatory reporting of drug shortages. The new plan is a victory for doctors and patients, who have been complaining for years that the voluntary system was not working.  ...

2015 02 10
Mulcair urges Harper to help free Fahmy

NDP leader Tom Mulcair has written a second letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper urging him to personally intervene to help secure the release of Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy, who has been imprisoned in Egypt for over a year.   ...

2015 02 05
Make the economy work for the middle class

NDP plan to boost jobs in manufacturing and small businesses

The NDP is putting forward an opposition day motion calling on the Conservatives to take immediate action to stimulate job creation and support the middle class.  ...

2015 01 30
Supreme Court ruling a victory for workers

The Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling that a Saskatchewan law preventing public sector employees from striking is unconstitutional is a victory for all workers.   ...

2015 01 27
Tom Mulcair proposes concrete measures to help the middle class

“Manufacturing, Innovation and Lower Small Business Taxes Will Create Good Jobs and New Opportunities for the Middle Class.”

In a major speech to the Economic Club of Canada today, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair announced concrete proposals that will help Canada’s manufacturers and small businesses create good-paying, full time middle class jobs for Canadians.   ...

2015 01 27
Statement by the NDP official opposition on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

NDP leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day:

“Today we mark the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.  ...

2015 01 26
The NDP calls for a public inquiry into the Lac-Mégantic tragedy

NDP Transport critic Hoang Mai (Brossard—La Prairie) has requested that the Conservatives launch a public inquiry into the Lac-Mégantic tragedy.   ...

2015 01 26
Middle class Canadians deserve economic leadership

NDP's first opposition day motion of the year calls on the government to immediately present an Economic and Fiscal Update to parliament and prepare a budget that addresses middle class challenges.  ...

2015 01 23
Conservatives make major cut to disaster relief for provinces

Last week, the Conservatives quietly revealed a change that will massively cut funding to provinces and communities that are hit by disasters.

“It’s shocking that the Conservatives are moving with no warning and no consultation to make it more difficult for provinces to get disaster relief, just as scientists are telling us that climate change will increase extreme weather events,” said NDP Public Safety critic Randall Garrison (Esquimalt – Juan de Fuca).  ...

2015 01 23
First Nations left out of unemployment figures

NDP Aboriginal Affairs critic Niki Ashton (Churchill) is calling renewed attention to the fact that the Conservatives have not been collecting employment data on First Nations members living on reserve.   ...

2015 01 23
NDP shadow cabinet ready to fight for the middle class

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has strengthened the NDP’s Shadow Cabinet ahead of the 2015 election. More than ever, New Democrats are ready to fix the damage done by Stephen Harper and finally give the middle class a break.  ...

2015 01 22
Tom Mulcair and NDP MPs attending vigils for Raïf Badawi

NDP MPs to attend today’s ceremonies in Montreal and tomorrow’s events in Sherbrooke

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and several New Democrat MPs are set to take part in a vigil in Montreal today calling for Raïf Badawi’s release. The NDP will also be present at Friday’s event in Sherbrooke.    ...

2015 01 22
NDP to restore CBC funding

If elected to government, the NDP would cancel the Conservatives’ $115 million cut to CBC/Radio-Canada.

“An NDP government would give our public broadcaster some room to breathe, by ensuring stable, predictable, multiyear funding to help protect the CBC from advertising-market fluctuations and to allow it to fulfill its mandate,” said NDP leader Tom Mulcair.  ...

2015 01 21
Conservative failures causing more trouble for Canadian economy

While the Bank of Canada cut interest rates amidst grave warnings about the health of our economy, the Conservatives still have no plan to fix Canada’s bleak economic outlook and get Canadians back to work.  ...

2015 01 20
Who speaks for the government?

With the Minister of Employment saying one thing and an unnamed federal official saying another, it seems the Conservatives are in a disorganized panic and scrambling for a plan.   ...

2015 01 18
Budget 2015 must give middle class families a break

VANCOUVER—New Democrats are demanding that the Conservatives use the upcoming budget to change direction and start building an economy that works for Canadians.  ...

2015 01 13
The Conservatives still don’t get that judges should be bilingual

NDP Official Languages critic Yvon Godin (Acadie–Bathurst) is befuddled by the appointment of a unilingual Anglophone to the position of Chief Justice of the Tax Court of Canada.    ...

2015 01 12
Conservative auto sector promises are too little too late

Government loan for Linamar today comes after the Conservatives oversaw the loss of more than 50,000 auto sector jobs. 

“Liberals and Conservatives have allowed a generation of middle-class jobs to disappear in industries like auto,” said NDP finance critic Nathan Cullen (Skeena—Bulkley Valley). “The Auditor General has reported that the Conservatives mismanaged funds that were earmarked for supporting the auto sector, which means Canada has lost out on billions of dollars in investments and thousands of jobs.”  ...

2015 01 09
NDP condemns Russian anti-Trans legislation

The NDP is appalled by the Russian government’s adoption of a law banning Transgender and Transsexual people from driving.

“This new law is regressive and unconscionable,” said NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre). “I urge the Canadian government to condemn the Russian government’s discrimination against Russia’s Trans community.”  ...

2015 01 09
Conservatives must close copyright law loophole to end false threats: NDP

The Conservatives must take immediate steps to protect internet users by closing a loophole that allows media companies to bully Canadians with threats of hefty fines that don’t actually exist under Canadian law.   ...

2015 01 09
More job losses under the Conservatives

New figures from Statistics Canada show the Conservatives’ unbalanced economic approach continues to hit Canadian families hard.

The Canadian economy finished 2014 by shedding an additional 4,300 jobs last month, following significant losses in November.  ...

2015 01 08
NDP calls for expansion of search and rescue services

New Democrats strongly support the expansion of search and rescue response services across Canada and urge the Conservative government to take all necessary action to ensure Canada meets international standards, in particular a 30-minute response time, 24/7.  ...

2015 01 05
NDP to new Veterans Affairs Minister: time to change direction

NDP offers list of priorities that need new minister’s urgent attention – including the immediate reopening of veteran’s offices

OTTAWA/SACKVILLE – NDP leader Tom Mulcair welcomed the demotion of minister Fantino today but warned that a change of direction is needed, not just a shuffle of ministers.  ...

Thomas Mulcair