2015 04 28
Auditor General finds more Conservative mismanagement

Report finds broad failings in public health, support for First Nations, protect members of the Canadian Forces and in financial management.

Another report from the Auditor General finds Conservative mismanagement across the Federal Government.

“Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are still taking Canada in the wrong direction and are plagued by mismanagement and scandals” said NDP MP Malcolm Allen (Welland). “This report shows that the Conservatives haven’t been looking out for the public good.”  ...

2015 04 28
NDP statement on the National Day of Mourning

NDP Labour critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie) made the following statement on the National Day of Mourning:

"Every Canadian deserves a safe working environment.  ...

2015 04 27
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are no friends to Canadian Firefighters, or Labour

Today Justin Trudeau pretended to be friends with firefighters in Canada and the labour movement. But what about his record?

On February 26th 2014, Justin Trudeau and his whole caucus got up and voted against NDP legislation to provide job protection that would prevent reprisals against volunteer firefighters who must be absent from their work place.  ...

2015 04 27
NDP REALITY CHECK: $953.6 million of Liberal hypocrisy on government advertising?

Liberals are hypocritically claiming to be the new guardians of non-partisan advertising. But what’s the real Liberal record?

As Justice John Gomery described in his report, the Liberal governments of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin were masters of the dark art of using government paid advertising for partisan purposes. In fact, Liberal government advertising and the Sponsorship scandal even brought their government down!  ...

2015 04 24
Overheard this week: “Leave it to our grandchildren – really?”

This week, middle-class families were hoping for action on their priorities. Instead, Stephen Harper brought down a budget that will make these families pay for another tax giveaway to the wealthiest Canadians.   ...

2015 04 24
NDP statement on the death of Senator Pierre Claude Nolin

Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the death of the Speaker of the Senate, Pierre Claude Nolin:

“It was with a lump in my throat that I learned this morning of the death of Senator Pierre Claude Nolin, a real gentleman who dedicated his career to public life and served Parliament and the public with competence and devotion.  ...

2015 04 24
Isabelle Morin moving up the ranks in NDP Shadow Cabinet

In preparation for the 2015 election, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has chosen to further strengthen his Shadow Cabinet by giving new responsibilities to MP Isabelle Morin (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine). Morin will be the new deputy critic for Seniors – an important role in fulfilling the NDP’s promise to better protect seniors by returning the retirement age to 65 and expanding the Canada Pension Plan and Quebec Pension Plan.  ...

2015 04 22
Conservatives fail to protect unpaid interns

NDP MP Laurin Liu (Rivière-des-Mille-Îles) made the following statement on the defeat of her motion:

“Four years ago, 22-year-old Andy Ferguson died in a head-on collision when he fell asleep at the wheel, after working excessive hours as an unpaid intern at an Alberta radio station.  ...

2015 04 22
NDP REALITY CHECK: What IS Justin Trudeau’s position small on business tax cuts?

Yesterday, Justin Trudeau once again made it painfully clear that he has no plan for the economy, or a sense of where he stands on major policy issues. He’s simply not ready to lead.  ...

2015 04 22
Conservatives bend to NDP pressure on protections for interns in budget

On the eve of a vote on the NDP’s Intern Protection Act, the Conservatives finally bent to pressure and promised greater protections for unpaid interns in Budget 2015.  ...

2015 04 22
NDP REALITY CHECK: About that contingency fund

“We won’t be using a contingency fund. A contingency fund is there for unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters.”

– Jason Kenney, The West Block, Global, January 18th 2015  ...

2015 04 22
NDP statement on Earth Day

NDP Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax) made the following statement on Earth Day:

“Each of us has the power to make changes that will have a big impact on our environment – especially when we work together. Earth Day is an opportunity for Canadians to join people around the world to take action to preserve our planet.  ...

2015 04 21
Conservative budget stubbornly spends billions on wealthiest few

“A cynical approach that fails to give cities the flexibility to get Canadians moving”

Canadians have been waiting for a Budget from Ottawa that’s focused on their priorities and the needs of the middle class – not just the wealthiest among us. After ten years of Conservative deficits and mismanagement, Canada’s middle class families are working harder and falling further behind.  ...

2015 04 20
Conservatives vote against protecting BC coast

NDP Fisheries and Oceans deputy critic Fin Donnelly (New Westminster—Coquitlam) made the following statement on the defeat of his motion:

“New Democrats know that the government has a clear obligation to help protect our sensitive BC coast from the threat of oil spills.

“This is why we have repeatedly urged the Conservative government to reverse cuts to marine safety, oil spill response and environmental clean-up capacity on the West Coast.  ...

2015 04 18
NDP moves to protect BC Coast from oil spills

In the wake of the recent toxic fuel spill off the coast of Vancouver, the NDP is reiterating its call for the Conservatives to immediately reverse reckless cuts made to marine safety and will bring the issue to Parliament for debate in its next opposition day motion.    ...

2015 04 17
Overheard this week: A “vague waffler” who has “more in common with Harper”

This week, Justin Trudeau couldn’t decide from one day to the next if he was in favour of working with the NDP to oust Harper or not:

“Trudeau might be open to the idea of forming a coalition with the NDP”  ...

2015 04 17
NDP calls for emergency debate on Wheat Board transfer

NDP MP Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) has sent a letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons calling for an emergency debate on the transfer of a majority stake in the former Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) to foreign hands.  ...

2015 04 16
NDP demands a public review of Cirque du Soleil takeover

According to the NDP, the Cirque du Soleil’s takeover by foreign interests must be reviewed publicly.

“This transaction is subject to the Investment Canada Act; and the Conservative government has the obligation to ensure that this foreign takeover will offer a clear advantage to Canada. This review must also be transparent,” said the NDP Heritage critic Pierre Nantel (Longueuil—Pierre-Boucher).  ...

2015 04 16
Veterans denied access to care while beds sit empty

New Democrats joined veterans and their families to repeat their call for the federal government to allow all veterans access to Department of Veterans Affairs run hospitals and long-term care facilities across the country.     ...

2015 04 15
NDP statement on Holocaust Memorial Day

Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day:

“On Holocaust Memorial Day, we pay respect to the six million Jewish people who died in one of the most dreadful genocides of our time. This was an unequalled tragedy, in a century that saw far too many.  ...

2015 04 15
Outrageous sale of CWB another slap in the face to Canadian farmers

New Democrats are outraged that a majority stake in the former Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) is being sold to a partnership between US firm Bunge and a subsidiary of the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co.  ...

2015 04 15
Conservative inaction harming our economy

Today’s Bank of Canada decision to cut its growth forecast to zero is alarming and more evidence that Conservative inaction is harming Canadian families and communities.  ...

2015 04 15
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau - a part-time supporter of women’s right to choose

On Thursday, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will join Prince Edward Island Liberal Leader Wade MacLauchlan for some red team rah-rah at a Summerside rally.  ...

2015 04 14
New Democrats ramp-up campaign to reverse Harper’s coast guard cuts

Today, New Democrat MPs and candidates ramped up their campaign to reverse the Harper government’s reckless cuts to BC Coast Guard services.

“An NDP government will immediately re-open the Kitsilano Coast Guard base, re-open the Marine Communications and Traffic Service Centre in Ucluelet, and stop closures of these centres in Vancouver and Comox,” said NDP Fisheries and Oceans deputy critic Fin Donnelly (New Westminster—Coquitlam).  ...

2015 04 14
PM and cabinet owe $2.7 million under proposed balanced budget bill

The Official Opposition is calling on Stephen Harper to put his money where his mouth is regarding his government’s proposed balanced budget legislation. Conservatives have added more to Canada’s debt than any other previous government and should therefore reimburse 5% of their ministerial salaries for each of the seven years their government ran deficits.  ...

2015 04 14
Statement by the NDP leader on Vaisakhi

Official Opposition leader, Tom Mulcair, made the following statement on the occasion of Vaisakhi:

“Vahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vahiguru Ji Ki Fateh!

“On behalf of New Democrats, I would like to wish all Sikh Canadians a joyous Vaisakhi.  ...

2015 04 10
Overheard this week: “No one has trouble imagining Mulcair as prime minister”

This week, the Mike Duffy trial exposed Stephen Harper’s central role in the ongoing Senate scandal: 

“At the centre of the Mike Duffy trial is a problem Stephen Harper desperately wants to avoid: The prime minister should never have chosen him … Duffy did not meet the primary constitutional qualification for a Canadian senator — that he be ‘resident in the province for which he is appointed.’”  ...

2015 04 10
Conservatives’ failure to prepare for oil spills putting Canada’s coasts at risk

This week’s bunker fuel spill from a vessel off the coast of Vancouver should serve as a wakeup call for Canadians. The Conservative government must do more to improve Canada`s ability to respond to spills in the marine environment.   ...

2015 04 10
Welcome to Panama Mr. Harper

The NDP is encouraging Stephen Harper to accept Arthur Porter’s invitation to visit him in prison, while the prime minister attends the Summit of the Americas in Panama, and tell him in person that he will be removed from the Privy Council and stripped of his “Honourable” title.  ...

2015 04 09
Statement by the NDP leader on the 98th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge

Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge:

“Today, we celebrate the 98th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, a profound moment in Canadian history when the bravery of Canadians led to the victory of the Allied forces.  ...

2015 04 08
Was Mike Duffy eligible to sit as a Senator when he was appointed by Stephen Harper?

In his opening statement at the trial of Conservative-appointed senator, Mike Duffy, Crown prosecutor Mark Holmes said Duffy was "probably ineligible" under the Constitution to sit as a Senator from PEI.  ...

2015 04 08
The Conservatives' death bed conversion to balanced budgets‎ rings hollow

The past has a tendency to repeat itself and the NDP is highly suspicious of the motives behind Joe Oliver’s plans to table a balanced budget law.

The Harper conservatives have broken records in terms of bad fiscal management. Under Stephen Harper’s watch, the Conservatives have tabled 7 deficits in a row. The Conservatives even registered the highest deficit in Canada’s history, putting the books at 56 billion in the red in 2006.  ...

2015 04 05
NDP statement on the occasion of Easter

Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair released the following statement on the occasion of Easter:

“My wife Catherine and I would like to offer our warmest wishes to all Canadians celebrating Easter this week-end.    ...

2015 04 03
NDP statement on the occasion of Pesach

Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the occasion of Pesach:

“Catherine and I extend our warmest wishes to members of the Jewish community across the country as they gather to celebrate Pesach.  ...

2015 04 02
Overheard this week: “Ice-cold Camembert” vs. “political backbone”

This week was another study in contrasts. The Senate scandal was back in the news with a report that the Auditor General is looking into questionable expenses, while Tom Mulcair continues to focus on the issues that matter to Canadians.  ...

2015 04 02
Victory for belugas and the St. Lawrence

TransCanada confirms it won’t build oil terminal at Cacouna

New Democrat MPs Guy Caron (Rimouski-Neigette—Témiscouata—Les Basques) and François Lapointe (Montmagny—L’Islet—Kamouraska—Rivière-du-Loup) are pleased that plans to build an oil port at Cacouna have been dropped.  ...

2015 04 02
NDP statement on the deaths of five men in Northern Quebec

NDP Aboriginal Affairs critic Romeo Saganash (Abitibi – Baie-James – Nunavik – Eeyou) released the following statement on the deaths of five men in northern Quebec:  ...

2015 04 02
All Canadians deserve access to affordable nutritious food

As the Conservatives have failed to ensure that Northerners have secure access to nutritious and affordable food, NDP MPs are again taking concrete action to fix the Nutrition North Program.  ...

2015 04 01
Conservatives talk out of both sides of their mouth on public safety

The NDP denounces the Conservatives’ hypocrisy on public safety. While they continue to talk about the importance of victims’ rights, the Conservative government is about to slash in half funding for an important victimization prevention program.  ...

2015 03 31
Conservatives creating a two-tier food inspection system

The union that represents federal food inspectors revealed details today that suggest Conservatives are failing to keep Canadian food safe. Internal documents show that staff at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have been instructed to cut vital, preventative safety measures as a result of recent budget cuts.  ...

2015 03 31
New report confirms Kashechewan at "intolerable risk" of flood catastrophe

As another season of flooding approaches on the James Bay coast, a new engineering report shows that it is impossible to assure the safety of the community.  ...

2015 03 28
Each of us can help build a sustainable future

NDP Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax) made the following statement on Earth Hour:

“Each of us can make simple changes to reduce our energy use and help build a sustainable future.  ...

2015 03 27
Conservatives and Liberals: Divided and confused – Overheard This Week

While Tom Mulcair and the NDP focus on solutions to grow the middle class and stop Stephen Harper’s war, Conservatives and Liberals were divided and confused this week.   ...

2015 03 27
NDP standing up for the CBC

The new cuts announced at the CBC – of which half will affect rural communities – reaffirm the urgent need to cancel the Conservatives’ devastating cuts to this Crown corporation, as well as the importance of ensuring stable, long-term, predictable financing to protect the CBC.  ...

2015 03 27
Time to renew Canada’s commitment to eliminate child poverty

An NDP Government will eliminate the stock options tax loophole

Speaking to a packed house at the Broadbent Institute Progress Summit, Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair announced that an NDP government will commit to reducing income inequality and will renew Canada’s commitment to eliminate child poverty.  ...

2015 03 27
Decision to end home delivery of mail a sham

An analysis of Canada Post’s finances has revealed that ending the home delivery of mail was completely unnecessary.

“Canada Post has been doing profitable business; ending home delivery of mail was an ideological decision, not a financial one. Today, we received unequivocal proof, after it was revealed that they made nearly $200 million in profits this past year,” said NPD Canada Post critic, Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie).  ...

2015 03 27
NDP amendments will kill Bill C-51’s dangerous provisions

New Democrats have introduced amendments that delete C-51 clauses which undermine Canadians' rights and freedoms, and add critical oversight.

"Testimony that we’ve heard has confirmed what we’ve said since the start – this is a dangerous, ineffective bill that should not be adopted” said NDP public safety critic Randall Garrison (Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca). "The NDP plan will protect both our rights and our safety."  ...

2015 03 26
The NDP will restore the retirement age to 65

New Democrat critic for Pensions John Rafferty (Thunder Bay – Rainy River) tabled a motion in Parliament calling on the Conservatives to restore Canada’s age of retirement to 65.  ...

2015 03 25
Ashton demands truthful information on missing and murdered Indigenous women

It was revealed today that the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs claims to have unreleased data from the RCMP stating that Indigenous men are mostly responsible for the murders of Indigenous women. The information shared by the Conservative Minister is not backed up in any report by the RCMP.  ...

2015 03 25
NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservatives spending ten times more on war than aid?

As the Canadian Press reports today, the Conservatives have spent $100 million on aid to the people of Iraq since last year.

But in six months alone, the government itself has estimated that it spent $122 million on the military mission, bombing runs by CF-18s and special operations in Iraq.  ...

2015 03 25
NDP REALITY CHECK: What IS the legal rationale for bombing in Syria?

Yesterday, when Tom Mulcair asked Stephen Harper to provide the legal basis for bombing in Syria, the Prime Minister got up and read from a piece of paper where he said the following:  ...

2015 03 24
NDP scores a victory for our oceans, lakes and rivers

NDP Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax) and NDP Great Lakes critic Brian Masse (Windsor West) made the following statement on the support of their motion to protect Canada’s lakes and rivers from microbead pollution:  ...

2015 03 24
What they’re saying: “The NDP has set down roots in Quebec”

Four years after the NDP’s historic breakthrough in Quebec, Tom Mulcair’s New Democrat team has earned the trust of Quebecers.

Here’s what Joël-Denis Bellavance wrote in La Presse this week:  ...

2015 03 24
NDP REALITY CHECK: Can’t have it both ways – more mixed messages on Iraq war from Justin Trudeau’s Liberals

Today Justin Trudeau declared he doesn’t support the expansion of Stephen Harper’s military mission in Iraq and Syria.

But moments after he finished his speech in the House, Liberal defence critic Joyce Murray was out explaining to reporters that if elected, Liberals will actually keep the war going until at least March 2016.  ...

2015 03 24
NDP calls for pathways to citizenship for temporary foreign workers

The NDP is concerned that the Conservatives’ woeful management of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is destroying the opportunity for temporary foreign workers to obtain citizenship, while robbing employers of their experienced staff.  ...

2015 03 23
NDP moves to protect Canada’s lakes and rivers from microbead pollution

With their latest opposition day motion, the NDP is taking action to protect Canada’s lakes and rivers from plastic microbead pollution.     ...

2015 03 23
NDP calls for emergency debate on decline of Arctic Sea Ice

NDP Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax) has sent a letter to the House of Commons Speaker calling for an emergency debate on the alarming decline of Arctic sea ice observed this winter.  ...

2015 03 23
NDP statement on Canada's assistance to Vanuatu

NDP development critic Hélène Laverdière (Laurier—Sainte-Marie) made the following statement regarding Canada's assistance to Vanuatu:

"On behalf of New Democrats, I express our condolences to the people of Vanuatu following Cyclone Pam.  ...

2015 03 22
NDP statement on World Water Day

Official Opposition Environment Critic Megan Leslie (Halifax) made the following statement on World Water Day:

“Clean water is essential to life.

“Yet globally, one person in six does not have access to drinkable water. Every year millions of people die from water-borne diseases. Every 20 seconds a child dies from a water-related illness.  ...

2015 03 21
NDP statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Official Opposition Human Rights critic Wayne Marston (Hamilton East – Stoney Creek) made the following statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination:  ...

2015 03 20
Overheard this week: “Mulcair has produced a bold urban agenda”

This week, Tom Mulcair took his plan for middle-class families – and the cities where they live – on the road. Thousands of Canadians in Toronto and Vancouver came out to hear Tom’s message of hope and optimism.  ...

2015 03 20
Conservatives must ensure consumer choice and protect the cultural sector

New Democrats welcome changes that give consumers greater choice and low-cost basic packages, but caution that the Conservatives haven’t explained how they will ensure that pick-and-pay doesn’t lead to less choice and higher costs for some subscribers.  ...

2015 03 20
NDP statement on the occasion of Nowruz

Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the occasion of Nowruz:

“On behalf of Canada’s New Democrats I extend best wishes to everyone celebrating Nowruz.    ...

2015 03 20
Statement by the Official Opposition on International Day of La Francophonie

Official Opposition Francophonie critic Anne-Marie Day (Charlesbourg – Haute-Saint-Charles) made the following statement on the International Day of La Francophonie :  ...

2015 03 19
Two former judges join the NDP to oppose the controversial Bill C-51

NDP leader Tom Mulcair continued his tour in Vancouver today along with two former judges, who will be candidates in this year’s federal election, all voicing opposition to the dangerous and controversial Bill C-51.  ...

2015 03 18
NDP REALITY CHECK: Trickle-Down Racism in the Conservative Ranks

Mere weeks since the Prime Minster attempted to score political points by linking mosques to terrorism, it seems Conservative MPs are taking their cue from the Prime Minister when it comes to stoking intolerance and spouting racially-charged remarks.  ...

2015 03 17
Speech by Tom Mulcair -- Building a better Toronto

Thank you Jennifer.

Hello Toronto!

Are you ready to bring change to Ottawa?

Are you ready to replace the politics of fear with the politics hope and optimism?  ...

2015 03 17
Scrap income splitting – invest in a stronger middle class

In reaction to the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s report today, New Democrats reiterated their call for canceling the Conservatives’ wasteful and ineffective income splitting scheme.  ...

2015 03 15
Tom Mulcair presents his plan to build a better Toronto

NDP Leader to appoint a Minister of Urban Affairs

Before a large and enthusiastic crowd of supporters this weekend, NDP Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair presented his plan to support middle-class families and economic growth in Canada’s major urban centres – like Toronto.  ...

2015 03 13
3 signs Justin Trudeau doesn’t love liberty as much as he’d like you to think

This week, Justin Trudeau declared: “one of the highest aims of Canadian political leadership is to protect and expand freedom” – but his recent actions don’t match his words.  ...

2015 03 13
Overheard this week: “It seems the dinosaurs are not extinct.”

Some Conservatives—including Stephen Harper—forgot to use their inside voices this week.

Conservative outbursts over the last seven days have been so outrageous that New Democrat MP Sadia Groguhé remarked in Question Period that “it seems the dinosaurs are not extinct. There are even a few specimens left in the Conservative caucus.”   ...

2015 03 13
Conservatives fail to stand up for culture

The NDP is calling on the Conservatives to stop ignoring the importance of Canada’s cultural sector in wake of CRTC decisions that could impact Canadian jobs.  ...

2015 03 13
Conservative failures stall economic recovery

With Statistics Canada reporting that unemployment is increasing and the economic recovery is grinding to a halt, the NDP is again urging the Conservatives to take immediate steps to boost quality job creation.    ...

2015 03 12
The Conservatives aren’t doing enough for railway safety

Committee report leaves out essential recommendations

The NDP is disappointed with the Transport Committee’s decision to throw out essential expert recommendations in its report on the review of the Canadian Transportation Safety Regime that was tabled in the House of Commons today.  ...

2015 03 12
NDP urging Conservatives to support landmark dementia legislation

NDP MP Claude Gravelle (Nickel Belt) is urging the Conservatives, including federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose, to support his landmark bill for Canada’s first pan-Canadian dementia strategy.  ...

2015 03 11
Conservatives vote against job creation for the middle class

NDP Finance critic Nathan Cullen (Skeena – Bulkley Valley) made the following statement on the defeat of his motion calling on the Conservatives to invest in good, middle class jobs:

“The CIBC’s recent job quality report confirms what the NDP has been saying for years: successive Liberal and Conservative government failures have left Canadians working harder than ever and falling further behind.  ...

2015 03 11
Speech by Tom Mulcair at ISNA Mosque in Mississauga, Ontario

As-Salaam Alaikum.

I’d like to thank Shaikh Abdullah for the gracious invitation to be here today.

And thank you to Feras Marish for that wonderful sermon.  ...

2015 03 11
Partisan funding cuts: the NDP calling for an inquiry

The NDP will be sending a letter to Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner today, urging her to launch an inquiry into allegations that funding for the Jean Bosco Centre in Maniwaki was withdrawn after the Conservatives were defeated in the riding at the last federal elections.  ...

2015 03 11
Canada should take a strong stance on gender equality at UN Commission on the Status of Women

NDP Status of Women Critic Mylène Freeman (Argenteuil--Papineau--Mirabel) is calling on the Government of Canada to take a strong stance on women's equality at the 59th Commission on the Status of Women, ongoing this March at the UN Headquarters in New York.  ...

2015 03 10
NDP demands implementation of Fynes Inquiry recommendations

The NDP is calling on the Harper government to immediately implement the recommendations in today’s report from the Military Police Complaints Commission into the tragic death of Corporal Stuart Langridge.  ...

2015 03 10
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau believes in liberty, just not standing up for it

“I believe that one of the highest aims of Canadian political leadership is to protect and expand freedom for Canadians.”

- Justin Trudeau, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, March 9, 2015  ...

2015 03 10
Conservatives fail to invest millions meant for regional economic development and job creation

With the recent wave of job losses and the country’s uncertain economic outlook, the NDP is troubled to learn that the Conservative government left millions of dollars sitting in government coffers, rather than investing the money in job creation.   ...

2015 03 10
Budget must make good jobs the first priority

With the CIBC reporting that job quality at its lowest level in 20 years, and that low-paying jobs are becoming the norm, the NDP’s opposition day motion calls on the Conservatives to make investing in good, middle class jobs the first priority of Budget 2015.   ...

2015 03 09
NDP statement on second train derailment near Gogama

NDP MP Claude Gravelle (Nickel Belt) issued the following statement after this weekend’s CN train derailment near Gogama:

“In less than a month the people of Gogama and Mattagami First Nations have witnessed two derailments of CN trains carrying crude oil.  ...

2015 03 09
NDP MP celebrates protection for persons with disabilities

Today, NDP MP Mike Sullivan (York South—Weston) was proud to witness the coming into force of the spirit of Private Member’s Bill (C-541), that he first introduced in 2013. Thanks to his efforts, persons with mental or physical disabilities will now be protected from hate propaganda by the Criminal Code of Canada.  ...

2015 03 09
NDP presses Environment Committee to refocus its priorities

Canadians are demanding of their government an economy that is at once growing and sustainable. The NDP is therefore asking the Environment Committee to prioritize studies on the role of a protected and healthy environment within a growing economy.  ...

2015 03 08
Statement by the leader of the Official Opposition on Women’s Day

NDP and Official Opposition leader, Tom Mulcair, made this statement in honour of International Women’s Day:

“Today, we celebrate the amazing and courageous efforts of Canadian women who fought to improve the status of women over the last century. Their successes have gained access to education, civil rights, the right to vote and the right to choose.  ...

2015 03 07
New Democrats share in the nation's sadness at the loss of a Canadian Soldier in Iraq

It is with sadness and regret that Catherine and I learned of the death of Sergeant Andrew Joseph Doiron and the injury of three other Canadian soldiers in Iraq.  ...

2015 03 06
Overheard this week: Conservatives breaking their own law?

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives exploited terror for partisan purposes

‘’It's the job of the Prime Minister to try and reduce fears of Canadians, instead Harper is trying to fundraise on fear and that's shameful. ‘’ –Thomas Mulcair, March 5, 2015  ...

2015 03 06
NDP Statement on UN Report calling for a National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Official Opposition critic for Aboriginal affairs Niki Ashton (Churchill) made the following statement today on the release of a report by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW):  ...

2015 03 05
Conservatives keep millions in their coffers instead of investing in Northern Canada

With the recent wave of job losses in Northern Canada and the country’s uncertain economic outlook, the NDP is troubled to learn that the Conservative government decided to leave millions of dollars intended for job creation in government coffers, rather than invest the money.   ...

2015 03 05
NDP REALITY CHECK: Justin Trudeau says it’s up to “everyone else” to oppose C-51

Justin Trudeau was on the hot seat last night at a Liberal Party event over his position on Stephen Harper’s over-reaching terror bill.

Trudeau said it was up to “everyone else” to oppose the bill – while he and his Liberal MPs would continue to fall in behind Stephen Harper and support the controversial Conservative legislation.  ...

2015 03 05
NDP REALITY CHECK: Conservative MP says Stephen Harper crossing the line with partisan use of terror threat

Instead of focusing on middle class families falling further behind and job losses stacking up, Conservatives are using the threat of terror to stoke fear among the public and fundraise for the Conservative Party.   ...

2015 03 05
NDP REALITY CHECK: Promised regional investments Conservatives failed to get out the door: Denis Lebel cannot explain his negligence

Responding to NDP criticisms for failing to get $130 million out the door in promised job creation investments in Quebec, Denis Lebel released an absurd and inaccurate statement in response.  ...

2015 03 04
NDP promises to clean up Conservative mess at Canada Revenue Agency

Conservative mismanagement and reckless cuts to the Canada Revenue Agency have left taxpayers with inaccurate advice and inadequate service. New Democrats will work with small business organizations and consumer groups to enhance the system and develop a new culture of customer service ‎at the CRA.   ...

2015 03 04
Veterans with permanent injuries should not be subject to reviews

The recent decision by the Conservative government to change the requirement for disabled veterans to provide proof of their injuries every three years, instead of every year shows just how badly the Conservatives are failing veterans and their families.  ...

2015 03 04
New Democrats: Leading the Charge Against C-51

The Conservative government likes to pretend the Official Opposition is on the sidelines when it comes to Bill C-51. In fact, New Democrats have been on the front line — leading the charge — opposing Conservative schemes to ram the bill through Parliament at all costs. If this government were really serious about security, they wouldn’t shy away from meaningful study and debate of their sweeping new bill.  ...

2015 03 03
NDP REALITY CHECK: Good afternoon PMO, how are all those subpoenas going?

“The facts here are very clear. Mr. Wright decided to take an action on his own initiative, using his own funds.”

– Stephen Harper, House of commons, October 22nd, 2013  ...

2015 03 03
Conservatives keep millions in their coffers instead of helping entrepreneurs in Quebec

With the recent wave of jobs losses in Quebec and the province’s uncertain economic outlook, the NDP is troubled to learn that the Conservative government decided to leave millions of dollars intended for job creation in government coffers, rather than invest the money.   ...

2015 03 02
The unwavering vacillations of Justin Trudeau on the Iraq war

“There's never been any debate within the Liberal Party about whether or not we should be part of this mission.” 

– Justin Trudeau, CTV Question Period, March 1, 2015  ...

2015 03 02
The NDP will stand up for the CBC

The CBC/Radio Canada is at the heart of our identity as Canadians and an NDP government would protect its role as our national broadcaster.

“All Canadians are proud of the CBC/Radio-Canada’s unique way of bringing vibrance to larger cities like Toronto and smaller communities all across the country,” said NDP leader Tom Mulcair. “Not only do they enrich local culture, the CBC/Radio-Canada creates jobs and helps keep people connected.”  ...

2015 03 01
Tom Mulcair’s NDP will strengthen the mining industry

NDP leader Tom Mulcair outlined his plan to support Canada’s mining industry in a speech to the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).  ...

Thomas Mulcair