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2014 12 20
POLITICAL LOWLIGHTS OF 2014 – #11: The Conservatives Hide from Accountability in Question Period

In 2014, we saw a Conservative government plagued by scandal, out of touch with the challenges facing Canadians and preoccupied with photo-ops and their own partisan interests. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals fail to hold Conservatives to account and, after two years, we still have no idea where they stand on key issues.  ...

2014 12 19
Statement by the Official Opposition on Stephen Harper’s refusal to launch an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women

Official Opposition Aboriginal Affairs critic Jean Crowder (Nanaimo – Cowichan) and Status of Women critic Niki Ashton (Churchill) made the following statement on Stephen Harper’s stubborn refusal to launch an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women:  ...

2014 12 19
The big blue propaganda machine

The NDP is denouncing the Conservatives for their use of tax payer money to finance a propaganda machine and mislead Canadians.

“This big blue propaganda machine is scandalous,” said NDP Ethics critic Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay). “This government has no problem misleading Canadians by publishing content that looks like news, but cutting access to information for journalists in Canada,”  ...

2014 12 19
POLITICAL LOWLIGHTS OF 2014 – #12: Stephen Harper Attacks the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice

In 2014, we saw a Conservative government plagued by scandals, out of touch with challenges facing Canadians and preoccupied with photo-ops and their own partisan interests. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals fail to hold Conservatives to account and, after two years, we still have no idea where they stand on key issues.  ...

2014 12 17
NDP statement on US-Cuba announcement

NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) made the following statement today:

“President Obama has made major progress in normalizing relations with Cuba and I believe this will be beneficial to the people of Cuba.

“I thank our Canadian diplomats for their hard work on this file. This is an example of constructive diplomacy, something that Canada is very good at.  ...

2014 12 16
UN is against applying religious discrimination to refugees

The Conservative plan to apply religious discrimination to the selection of Syrian refugees for resettlement in Canada stands against UN policies that say “such discrimination undermines the protection and needs-based approach to resettlement”.  ...

2014 12 16
Tom Mulcair statement on attack on Pakistan school

Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair (Outremont) made the following statement today:

Our hearts go out to the people of Pakistan and to the Pakistani community here in Canada in the wake of today’s shocking attack on a school in Peshawar. The attackers have reportedly killed 132 children and nine staff members. This is an unspeakable horror and Canadians everywhere condemn it in the strongest terms.  ...

2014 12 16
Statement by the leader of the Official Opposition on Hanukkah

The leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair (Outremont) made the following statement on Hanukkah:

“On behalf of the NDP, I extend my warmest wishes to all those celebrating Hanukkah tonight across Canada and around the world.    ...

2014 12 16
Stoffer comments on veteran’s victory in Agent Orange case

NDP Veterans Affairs critic Peter Stoffer congratulated veteran Basil McAllister today for winning a federal court case that forces Veterans Affairs Canada to grant him disability compensation in relation to his exposure to defoliant spraying at CFB Gagetown.  ...

2014 12 15
Feds must start working with provinces on economic challenges

As finance ministers gather today to address Canada’s urgent economic challenges, New Democrats call on the Conservatives to stop refusing to work with the provinces and end their downloading and cuts to transfers.  ...

2014 12 15
Justin Trudeau – late to the party on pipelines

So Justin Trudeau has concerns about the Energy East pipeline? Well that’s new.

It was less than two months ago that his fellow Liberals stood up and voted with the Conservatives against an NDP motion opposing TransCanada’s proposed oil export terminal at Cacouna.  ...

2014 12 15
NDP and Fair Vote Canada stand up for electoral reform

Together with Fair Vote Canada, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair reiterated the NDP’s commitment to introduce a mixed-member proportional system, which would make the 2015 election the last unfair election.  ...

2014 12 12
NDP demands review of Wheat Board privatization

Amid rumours of the imminent privatization of the interim Canadian Wheat Board, New Democrats are raising the alarm about a back-room process cloaked in secrecy.  ...

2014 12 11
NDP accuses Conservatives of scrapping the CBC’s regional news bulletins

The NDP says the Conservative government is the ultimate party responsible for the new round of massive cuts announced today, which will further impair broadcasting of regional news in many areas of the country.  ...

2014 12 10
Statement by New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair on the election of the Assembly of First Nations' National Chief

“On behalf of Canada's Official Opposition, I offer my sincere congratulations to Perry Bellegarde on his election as the head of the Assembly of First Nations. I look forward to working in collaboration with National Chief Perry Bellegarde on the many pressing issues facing First Nations across Canada, including the renewed call for a national inquiry into the issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.  ...

2014 12 10
Conservatives reject bill that could have saved the lives of pedestrians and cyclists

In voting against Bill C-603, the Conservative government has thrown out a simple measure that could have gone a long way to bolstering the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists in Canada, and save lives.  ...

2014 12 10
Statement by the Official Opposition on International Human Rights Day

Official Opposition Human Rights’ critic Wayne Marston (Hamilton East – Stoney Creek) made the following statement on International Human Rights Day:  ...

2014 12 09
Conservative government silent on social contract with veterans

Veterans Affairs critic Peter Stoffer (Sackville-Eastern Shore) blasted Minister Fantino today for remaining silent on whether the federal government has a social contract or social covenant with veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces.   ...

2014 12 06
Statement by the Leader of the NDP on the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

The leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women:      ...

2014 12 05
Job growth staggers under Conservative policies

Job growth in recent months came to a sudden halt in November, as Statistics Canada reported the loss of 10,700 jobs today.   

“Conservative policies are once again leaving more Canadians out of work. Private sector employment dropped by 46,000 last month, while 14,100 young Canadians also lost full-time positions. We’re starting to see the loss of more and more jobs under this Conservative government,” said NDP Finance critic Nathan Cullen (Skeena – Bulkley Valley).  ...

2014 12 04
Trudeau stands with Harper, votes against a fairer voting system for Canada

For anyone who wants fairer elections, it was disappointing to see Justin Trudeau continue to stand with Stephen Harper and oppose electoral reform – even while 16 members of his caucus defied his leadership and voted in favour of the NDP’s proposal to change Canada’s voting system.  ...

2014 12 03
The Conservatives say no to a fair elections system

Today Conservatives said no to a fair elections system.

“The NDP put forward a simple motion asking all parties to commit to replacing Canada’s unfair electoral system with a system of mixed-member proportional representation following the next election. I was disappointed to see the Conservatives and even some Liberals vote against the initiative,” said NDP Democratic Reform critic Craig Scott (Toronto – Danforth).  ...

2014 12 03
Irene Mathyssen elected as NDP National Caucus Chair

NDP MPs elected Irene Mathyssen (London—Fanshawe) today as National Caucus Chair. They also selected Ruth Ellen Brosseau (Berthier-Maskinongé) to be Vice-Chair.  ...

2014 12 03
NDP motion demands respect for live-in caregivers

Yesterday, NDP Critic for Employment and Social Development Jinny Sims introduced a motion in Parliament calling on the Conservative government to remove the caps on permanent resident applications for live-in caregivers.  ...

2014 12 03
Another 5,000 farms disappear under Conservatives

New numbers from Statistics Canada reveal that the number of farms in Canada continues to decline.  

“In just one year, almost 5,000 farms of all sizes disappeared from the Canadian landscape. We need to act now to help farming families and protect our local food system,” said Agriculture critic Malcom Allen (Welland), “With food prices going up, the last thing we need is less security in our food supply.”  ...

2014 12 03
The NDP is urging Elections Canada to open an inquiry into Conservative Party financing

In light of a troubling CTV report, the NDP has asked Elections Canada to open an inquiry into allegations that SNC-Lavalin used nominees to finance the Conservative Party of Canada.  ...

2014 12 03
Official Opposition statement on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Official Opposition critic on Disability Issues, Mike Sullivan (York South – Weston), made the following statement on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities:  ...

2014 12 02
Isabelle Morin presses the government to take action on animal rights

Canada’s poor rating on the World Animal Protection’s index is a strong indication of how ineffective our laws and regulations have become after being left untouched for over 100 years,” stated MP and NDP spokesperson on animal’s rights and welfare Isabelle Morin (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-Lachine).  ...

2014 12 02
The NDP wants to implement a mixed proportional system

The NDP will use its time in the House of Commons Wednesday to turn the government’s attention to the need to implement a mixed proportional electoral system, in order to ensure that 2015 will be the last in the era of unfair elections.  ...

2014 12 02
Conservative Failure Trio - #Breaking

Yesterday three Conservative Ministers who have mastered the art of failure had a chance to pick up their game. Here’s what happened:

Julian Fantino:  ...

2014 12 01
Victory for Thalidomide victims

Following a five-decade battle for recognition and support, Thalidomide victims will finally get the support they need, after all parties rallied behind the NDP’s motion last week to compensate them.    ...

2014 12 01
NDP urges government to reject Cacouna oil port project

In response to the beluga whale’s new status as an endangered species, the NDP is upping the pressure on the Conservative government to reject the oil port in Cacouna.   ...

2014 12 01
NDP asks the Conservatives to boost aid to Syrian refugees facing food crisis

New Democrats are calling on the Canadian government to urgently increase humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees, as a funding crisis today forced the United Nations World Food Programme to suspend a food voucher program serving over 1.7 million refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt.  ...

2014 12 01
The weakest Conservative trio

There’s nothing like a strong ending to a session, and three Conservative Ministers seem intent on going out with a bang:

Julian Fantino:

The Auditor General found that “Veterans Affairs Canada is not adequately facilitating timely access to mental health services” Announced $200 million over six years, only to later clarify that it was over 50 years Was so impressed with himself that he left the country  ...

2014 12 01
Statement by the Official Opposition on World AIDS Day

Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair (Outremont) made the following statement on World AIDS Day:

“This year, we are celebrating the 25th annual World AIDS Day. Today, we offer our encouragement to everyone battling the HIV/AIDS virus, and remember those we have lost to the disease, along with their loved ones.  ...

2014 11 27
New Democrats pleased with government support of our Opposition Day motion for Thalidomide victims

The NDP welcomes the confirmation that the Conservative government intends to support our Opposition Day motion to compensate Canadian Thalidomide survivors, who have been fighting to get the care they need for more than five decades.  ...

2014 11 27
Congratulations to Senator Pierre Claude Nolin

Yesterday Stephen Harper named Senator Pierre Claude Nolin the new Speaker of the unelected and unaccountable upper chamber.

And maybe the last Speaker of the Senate?  ...

2014 11 27
Statement from the NDP following the release of Canada Post's financial results

Following the release of Canada Post’s financial results for the third semester, Official Opposition Canada Post critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont--La Petite-Patrie) made the following statement:  ...

2014 11 26
NDP salutes the Quebec National Assembly’s CBC motion

The Quebec National Assembly unanimously adopted a motion today urging the federal government to restore funding to the CBC, a move which the NDP is applauding. The Official Opposition will table a similar motion in the House of Commons.   ...

2014 11 26
Mulcair proposes new measure to ban food advertising directed toward children

To tackle growing child obesity rates, an NDP government will ban food advertising directed towards children across Canada.

“Parents have enough on the go without having to worry that their kids are being bombarded by advertisements for junk food. I don't want that for my grandkids and I know we can do better,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair.  ...

2014 11 26
Scientific community rallies behind NDP proposal for science

Important members of the scientific community are endorsing the NDP’s proposal to create an independent science watchdog with responsibility to curb the muzzling of public scientists and provide Parliament with sound information and expert advice on scientific issues.  ...

2014 11 25
Julian Fantino – on the run

There’s a saying in the Canadian Forces: “When the Generals don’t know what to do, they do what they know”

For Julian Fantino, that means travelling to a foreign country when an Auditor General’s report is released.  ...

2014 11 25
More resounding failures from the Conservatives

Today’s Auditor General’s report again illustrates the Conservative government’s inadequate management of public finances and services that Canadians rely on.    ...

2014 11 25
Parliament will debate compensation for thalidomide survivors

Parliament will debate an NDP Opposition Day motion this Thursday calling for compensation for thalidomide survivors.

“Victims of thalidomide have waited for over fifty years to get the support they deserve,” said NDP health critic Libby Davies (Vancouver East). “I hope we can count on the support of all parties as parliament debates NDP’s motion in support of thalidomide survivors.”  ...

2014 11 25
Official Opposition statement on International Day to End Violence Against Women

Official Opposition for the Status of Women critic Niki Ashton (Churchill) made the following statement on International Day to End Violence Against Women :  ...

2014 11 24
Liberals and Conservatives attack farmers’ rights

Today, Liberals and Conservatives joined forces to jeopardize farmers’ rights to save and use seed, leading to narrower margins for family farms – which are already in jeopardy thanks to years of neglect – and more power concentrated in the hands of fewer businesses in our agriculture system.  ...

2014 11 24
Conservatives refuse to support NDP motion to eliminate child poverty

The Conservatives have refused to support an NDP motion urging MPs to recommit to eliminating child poverty. 

“We are a prosperous country, but with more and more Canadian children living in poverty, we were hoping to get unanimous consent for this important motion. It is disappointing that the Conservatives chose not to support it,” said NDP Deputy Leader Megan Leslie (Halifax).  ...

2014 11 24
No child should live in poverty

Twenty-five years after the unanimous adoption of former NDP leader Ed Broadbent’s motion to end child poverty the NDP is tabling a motion urging MPs to recommit to that goal.  ...

2014 11 23
NDP urges compensation for Thalidomide survivors

The NDP is urging the government to provide fair compensation to survivors of the Thalidomide tragedy – victims who have struggled for decades with the tragic consequences of using this drug, which had been approved by the Canadian government as a safe drug for use by pregnant women to deal with morning sickness.  ...

2014 11 21
The government must protect citizens from TransCanada’s misinformation on the Energy East pipeline

According to the NDP, TransCanada’s strategy on Energy East, which was recently leaked to the Greenpeace environmental group, shows the company is willing to go to any lengths—including spreading misinformation and manipulating public opinion—to get this pipeline up and running.   ...

2014 11 20
Official opposition statement on Trans Day of Remembrance

Official Opposition critic on LGBT issues Randall Garrison (Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca) made the following statement on the Trans Day of Remembrance:

“On this 15th Trans Day of Remembrance, the NDP joins people across Canada and around the world in honouring victims of transphobic violence and in committing to continue the fight against intolerance and violence toward Transgender, Transsexual and gender variant people.”   ...

2014 11 19
National Midwife Day gets unanimous support in Parliament

Today, NDP MP Rosane Doré Lefebvre’s (Alfred-Pellan) Private Member’s Bill, An Act Respecting a National Day of the Midwife (C-608), received all-party support at its 2nd reading vote in the House of Commons.     ...

2014 11 19
House of Commons adopts NDP motion supporting democracy in Hong Kong

The House of Commons today, with all-party support, adopted an NDP motion to support democratic freedoms in Hong Kong.

“This motion demonstrates Canada’s solidarity with the people of Hong Kong and their legitimate demands for genuine universal suffrage,” said NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre), who introduced the motion. “At this crucial moment in Hong Kong, I am pleased to see the Canadian House of Commons adopt this motion to support the democratic aspirations of the people of Hong Kong by urging restraint during demonstrations, respect for existing agreements under the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle, and a responsible dialogue on electoral reform.”  ...

2014 11 18
Ontario endorses Tom Mulcair’s affordable childcare plan

Working with the provinces to create more spaces and reduce parents’ costs is central to Tom Mulcair’s plan for Affordable Childcare and we warmly welcome Ontario’s endorsement of our proposal.  ...

2014 11 18
Shameful backlog of cases at Social Security Tribunal

Today, Social Security Tribunal Chairperson Murielle Brazeau confirmed that a significant backlog of cases was apparent from the day the Tribunal opened; that she was first in touch with Minister Kenney about insufficient staffing at the Tribunal over a year ago; that there are no performance measures or standards currently in place at the Tribunal, and that it is currently not possible to estimate when the backlog – now at more than 14, 677 cases – can be cleared.   ...

2014 11 18
NDP MP continues fight to eliminate child poverty

With one in five Canadian children now living poverty, the time to act on this crisis is long overdue. Yesterday in the House of Commons, NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan’s (Scarborough—Rouge River) private member’s motion M-534 on eliminating child poverty was up for its first hour of debate. While the status of support for this motion remains unclear, the pressing need for urgent action remains constant.  ...

2014 11 18
Trudeau’s transparent hypocrisy on the Board of Internal Economy

Last Spring, while the Liberals were conspiring with Conservatives turn the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE) into a kangaroo court to attack the NDP, repeated New Democrat requests to have the meeting go public were denied.  ...

2014 11 17
Economic update should have been tabled in Parliament

NDP Finance critic Nathan Cullen (Skeena – Bulkley Valley) raised a question of privilege in the House of Commons today to decry the Conservative government’s decision to deliver Canada’s economic update in a room full of their friends instead of before the Parliament.  ...

2014 11 14
NDP criticizes closure of bilingual Service Canada centre in Winnipeg

The Conservative government’s decision to close the bilingual St. Boniface Service Canada office in Winnipeg will have serious consequences on Manitoba’s Francophone community and is another blow for la Francophonie.  ...

2014 11 13
Conservatives failing Syrian refugees

The inadequate global response to Syrian refugee crisis is placing innocent lives at risk, according to a new report which reveals neighbouring countries are completely overwhelmed by refugees fleeing ISIL and Syria’s civil war. The NDP is calling on the government to do more to help Syrian refugees immediately.  ...

2014 11 13
Conservatives’ discount diplomacy is a failure

The Conservatives are continuing their fire sale of historic official residences abroad without any long-term strategic vision. 

“International relations should be about long-term investment, not just making a quick buck,” said NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre). “This decade of diplomatic darkness under the Conservatives must come to an end.”  ...

2014 11 12
Budget surplus is the result of Conservatives’ cuts

The NDP will fight the ill-advised approach of the conservatives who chose to gut the fiscal capacity of the government to help people and to create and maintain good jobs in Canada.  ...

2014 11 12
No more excuses for Conservative climate change inaction

While the American and Chinese governments have announced a bold plan to slash carbon emissions, Stephen Harper’s failure to tackle climate change means that Canada is once again lagging behind global action on the climate crisis.  ...

2014 11 11
Statement by Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair on Remembrance Day

New Democratic Party leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on Remembrance Day:

“On this day, we honour the ultimate sacrifice of the tens of thousands of Canadians who fought bravely in many conflicts over the years. Let’s pay homage to their remarkable courage and commitment.  ...

2014 11 10
Statement by the NDP on “Proud to Protect Refugees” action week

NDP Citizenship and Immigration critic Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe made the following statement on Proud to Protect Refugees Action Week:  

“This action week has a particularly urgent tone this year. According to the United Nations, there are currently 50 million refugees and displaced persons in the world – the highest number recorded since the Second World War. The conflict that has ravaged Syria over the last three years is in large part responsible for this terrible situation.  ...

2014 11 10
Statement by the NDP on Veterans’ Week

New Democratic Party Veterans critic Peter Stoffer (Sackville—Eastern Shore) made the following statement on Veterans’ Week:

“Canadians will be taking part in the many activities being organized across the country for Veterans’ Week.  ...

2014 11 06
NDP unveils agenda for prosperous, fair and sustainable cities

After two-and-a-half years of consulting Canadians, NDP Urban Affairs critic Matthew Kellway (Beaches – East York) and NDP Housing critic Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet (Hochelaga) are introducing the NDP’s agenda for Canadian cities.  ...

2014 11 06
Statement by the Leader of the Official Opposition on Guru Nanak Gurpurab

Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on Guru Nanak Gurpurab:

 “Guru Nanak Gurpurab is one of the great sacred anniversaries of the Sikh religion and is dedicated to celebrating the birth of Sikhism founder Guru Nanak, some 545 years ago.  ...

2014 11 05
NDP MP secures support to make Remembrance Day a National Holiday

In the lead up to Remembrance Day, NDP MP Dan Harris (Scarborough Southwest) celebrates the near unanimous vote of his Private Member’s Bill C-597: An Act to Make Remembrance Day a National Statutory Holiday.    ...

2014 11 05
NDP reacts to Governor Poloz’s comments on youth unemployment

NDP MPs responded to comments made on Tuesday by the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz, which drew attention to the weak job market where young people are increasingly being forced into unpaid work.  ...

2014 11 05
Howard Hampton appointed NDP special advisor for the Ring of Fire

After years of inaction by the federal and provincial governments, New Democrats are reinforcing their commitment to the Ring of Fire with the appointment of Howard Hampton who will act as the NDP’s Special Advisor to the project.    ...

2014 11 04
NDP calls for Canadian action to support democracy in Burkina Faso

NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar issued the following statement regarding the situation in Burkina Faso:

 “I am very concerned by recent developments in Burkina Faso. The Government of Canada must urge all parties to exercise the utmost restraint, and facilitate an immediate peaceful transition to democratic governance under civilian control.  ...

2014 11 04
Record numbers relying on food banks under Conservatives

Shocking new numbers on Food Bank use shows the real price Canadians are paying for Conservative economic mismanagement and their failure to act on issues like childcare and affordable housing.  ...

2014 11 04
Conservatives let down consumers and small business

After promising to take real action on merchant fees, today Conservatives retreated in the face of opposition from Visa and Mastercard, ensuring Canadian consumers and small businesses will continue to pay more, and get less.  ...

2014 11 04
Elizabeth May’s climate conference hypocrisy

This week, the Green Party sent out a fundraising email questioning our commitment to fighting climate change  and attacking the NDP for not sending representatives to recent meetings of the Conferences of the Parties (COP) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.  ...

2014 11 03
NDP calls for three major studies at foreign affairs committee

New Democrats are taking the lead at the Foreign Affairs Committee by proposing studies on some of the most pressing issues facing the international community: the brutal onslaught of ISIL, the aftermath of this summer’s conflict in the Middle East, and the democratic movement in Hong Kong.  ...

2014 11 01
Statement by Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair on the November 1984 pogroms in India

NDP leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the 30th anniversary of the November 1984 pogroms in India:

 On this 30th anniversary of the tragedy of the November 1984 pogroms in India, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the families of the thousands of victims of the anti-Sikh attacks that took place in New Delhi and in other areas of the country.   ...

Thomas Mulcair