2014 10 22
Speech by Thomas Mulcair on shooting at Parliament Hill and War Memorial

My fellow Canadians,

Today, the peace of our nation’s capital was shattered by an act of hatred and brutality. A cowardly act, designed to strike at the very heart of our democracy— at the heart of who we are.  ...

2014 10 22
NDP statement on shooting at Parliament Hill and War Memorial

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's Principal Secretary, Karl Bélanger, made the following statement:

 “This morning’s horrifying attack has shocked all Canadians and shattered the peace of our nation’s capital. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the soldier killed and the people who were injured, and we are deeply grateful for the soldiers and law enforcement officials who quickly and courageously protected the public today.  ...

2014 10 21
Conservatives should answer Malala’s call

Conservatives have yet to pledge to the Global Partnership for Education following June replenishment conference

New Democrats renewed their call on the Canadian government to provide funding for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) replenishment.

 “This year’s Nobel Peace Prize went in part to Malala Yousafzai, the world’s leading advocate for girls’ education. Malala and many civil society activists have asked the Government of Canada to make a significant pledge to the Global Partnership for Education. Now is the time to answer the call,” said NDP International Development critic Hélène Laverdière (Laurier - Sainte-Marie).  ...

2014 10 21
The fight to keep home mail delivery is far from over

Maintaining home mail delivery remains one of the NDP’s main priorities as it intensifies its campaign to save the services Canadians rely on and deserve.   ...

2014 10 21
Jean-François Larose betrays the memory of Jack Layton

The NDP caucus has criticized Repentigny MP Jean-François Larose for his decision to join a regional party.

 “This is a clear-cut act of disloyalty and betrayal of the memory of Jack Layton, along with the democratic choice of Repentigny voters,” said the Chair of the NDP’s Quebec caucus, Robert Aubin (Trois-Rivières).  ...

2014 10 20
Conservatives and Liberals abandon belugas

Despite opposition from experts and citizens, Conservative and Liberal MPs have chosen to put the oil port project in Gros-Cacouna ahead of protecting St. Lawrence belugas – a threatened species under the Species at Risk Act. During a vote in the House of Commons tonight, they rejected the NDP motion to oppose this project.  ...

2014 10 20
Statement by Tarik Brahmi following the hit-and-run in Saint-Jean

Saint-Jean MP, Tarik Brahmi, made the following statement in response to the hit-and-run involving two military personnel in his riding:

“This was a tragic event and my thoughts go out to the two military officers who were injured in this hit-and-run, along with their families. I wish them both a speedy recovery. The allegations surrounding this hit-and-run are very serious and I have complete faith that the Sûreté du Québec investigators will shed light on the full set of circumstances surrounding this event. In the meantime, let’s allow the police to do their work and avoid jumping to conclusions.”  ...

2014 10 19
Statement on the Alberta NDP Leadership results

Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement regarding the Alberta NDP leadership results:

"On behalf of Canada’s New Democrats I extend sincere congratulations to Rachel Notley on her election as leader of the Alberta NDP. 

New Democrats have deep roots in Alberta and I’m looking forward to working with Rachel Notley as we unite progressives to build a greener, more prosperous Canada where no one is left behind."  ...

2014 10 18
Statement by Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair on Persons Day

The leader of the New Democratic Party made the following statement on Persons Day:

“Every year, the New Democratic Party commemorates the landmark “Persons” Case and remembers the work of pioneers of women’s equality in Canada.  ...

2014 10 17
Bird watchers are not criminals

The NDP is concerned that instead of going after tax cheats, the Conservatives are using Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) resources to intimidate a law-abiding nature group.   ...

2014 10 17
NDP statement on International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

New Democrat critic for Employment and Social Development Jinny Sims (Newton–North Delta) made the following statement on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty:  ...

2014 10 16
NDP statement on World Food Day

Official Opposition Agriculture critic Malcolm Allen (Welland) made the following statement on World Food Day:

“Ensuring that Canadians have healthy, affordable food is a national priority. Close to 850,000 Canadians visit a food bank every month and over 1 million children in Canada experience food insecurity.  ...

2014 10 15
Minister Ambrose needs to inform Canadians on Ebola

The Minister of Health needs to answer urgent questions on how well Canada is prepared to cope with the virus given the rapid growth of Ebola cases worldwide.  ...

2014 10 15
Statement by the Official Opposition on Citizenship Week

The Official Opposition’s Citizenship and Immigration critic, Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe (Pierrefonds-Dollard), made the following statement on Citizenship Week:  ...

2014 10 14
Tired old Liberal Party brings out same old excuses on childcare

“This is the least attractive part of the Liberal party; they just assume that they are the only choice and that Canadians just have to go along with them in government.”  ...

2014 10 14
Mulcair draws on his experience to launch affordable childcare plan

Today NDP Leader Tom Mulcair toured a childcare centre and announced his plan to create or maintain one million affordable childcare spaces across Canada. The goal is to ensure parents don’t pay more than $15 a day for a childcare space.  ...

2014 10 13
Statement by Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair on Thanksgiving

Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement to mark Thanksgiving Day:

“Today is an occasion for families and friends to come together in Thanksgiving.  ...

2014 10 10
Trudeau calls in Senate Liberals to the Rescue

Justin Trudeau has faced mounting criticism after weeks of flip-flopping on the mission in Iraq.

“Mr. Trudeau was less than his dazzling persona. Rather than seizing the moment, the moment seized him. He led his party to an absolute no, and to cover so stark a response, sang hymns to generalized humanitarianism.”  ...

2014 10 10
Statement by the NDP on World Mental Health Day

Official Opposition Health Critic Libby Davies (Vancouver East) made the following statement to mark World Mental Health Day:

“On World Mental Health Day, New Democrats stand in solidarity with Canadians affected by mental illness. We also salute their loved ones who stand by them and provide important support during difficult times.  ...

2014 10 09
New Conservative hiring credit ineffective, wasteful: PBO

The Conservatives’ proposed Hiring Credit is an expensive, ineffective giveaway to corporations that should be scrapped, the NDP said today. According to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, the Conservative Hiring Credit will create – at most – 800 jobs, at a cost of $550,000 per new job.  ...

2014 10 09
NDP rejects any future oil port project in Gros-Cacouna

New Democrats plan to use their opposition day today to urge Conservatives to reject all future oil terminal projects in the Port of Gros-Cacouna – the home environment and natural habitat of the endangered St. Lawrence beluga.  ...

2014 10 08
Muzzling of federal scientists worse than ever

A new report released today by Evidence for Democracy lays bare the widespread muzzling of public scientists working within federal departments and agencies.  ...

2014 10 08
Here are five flops by the Liberals on the Iraq mission

The CF-18s are still on their way to Iraq, and already the Liberals have racked up an impressive array of flip-flops. See how many you can spot:

“My party supports the limited military role recently proposed by the government of sending in a group of advisors in a non-combat advisory role for a set period of time.”  ...

2014 10 07
Statement from NDP leader Tom Mulcair on Conservative motion on Iraq

The Leader of the Official Opposition, Tom Mulcair, has issued the following statement in reaction to the passage of the Conservative motion on the war in Iraq:  ...

2014 10 07
Conservatives will miss their own environmental targets

The sector-by-sector Conservative approach is not working

The Environment Commissioner today confirmed what New Democrats have been warning for years: the Conservative government has failed to tackle climate change.  ...

2014 10 07
Conservatives continue to fail to protect official languages

A new report by the Commissioner of Official Languages confirms what the NDP has been saying: budget cuts are affecting bilingual services across the country.  ...

2014 10 07
Shutting down debate, this time on going to war

In 2006 Stephen Harper promised that deployments of Canadian soldiers would be put to a vote in the House. The caveats he didn’t tell us about were:  ...

2014 10 07
Canadian parents deserve affordable childcare

There is an urgent need for affordable childcare and the NDP has heard that call loud and clear.

“In 2014, it’s unacceptable that many families have to pay more for childcare than they do for rent. The NDP is determined to propose a practical plan to address the needs of parents across Canada,” said NDP leader Tom Mulcair.  ...

2014 10 06
Conservative Ministers contradicts each other on extension of mission in Iraq

If you tuned into CTV’s Question Period on Sunday, you would have seen Defence Minister Rob Nicholson refuse to say how long the mission in Iraq would be. As the Canadian Press noted:  ...

2014 10 06
Conservatives must ban genetic discrimination

As the American company 23andMe begins making health information based on genetic history available to Canadians, New Democrats are raising concerns that Canadians could face possible discrimination based on the results of these tests.  ...

2014 10 03
Tom Mulcair responds to Prime Minister Harper on Iraq

Speech by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in response to Prime Minister Harper’s Statement on Iraq.

Mr. Speaker, first, I would like to thank the Prime Minister for coming to the House of Commons today to make this important announcement. This should be a given in a democracy such as ours, because the Prime Minister has just decided the fate of many courageous young men and women who will risk their lives serving their country.  ...

2014 10 03
NDP condemns destruction of Armenian memorial and church in Syria

NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) issued the following statement regarding the destruction of the Holy Martyrs Church in Deir ez-Zor, Syria:  ...

2014 10 03
Statement by the leader of the Official Opposition on Yom Kippur

Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement to mark Yom Kippur:

“Tonight, members of the Jewish faith in Canada and around the world will gather to observe Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  ...

2014 10 03
Statement from the leader of the Official Opposition for Eid al-Adha

Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement to mark Eid al-Adha:

“Eid Mubarak!

On this very special day of Eid al-Adha, I wish you all—including the many participating in the holy pilgrimage of Hajj—peace, love and happiness.  ...

2014 10 03
New Democrats promote clean energy

Today, New Democrats are gathering with experts to discuss how Canada can take part in the worldwide growing market for clean energy, which will top 3 trillion dollars per year by 2020. The NDP understands that developing Canada’s clean energy sector will stimulate the economy, create jobs and reduce greenhouse gases.    ...

2014 10 02
Liberals keep lining up with Conservatives

“From pipelines to international trade, there is no lack of examples of general Conservative policy directions upon which Justin Trudeau has been content to stick a Liberal smiley face rather than chart a substantially different course.”   ...

2014 10 02
Response to unanimous Veterans Committee report is extremely disappointing

At the 120-day deadline, the Minister for Veterans Affairs tabled his response to a unanimous Parliamentary Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs (ACVA) report on the review of the New Veterans Charter, and it is disappointing.  ...

2014 10 01
Pedestrian and cyclist safety: Ottawa needs to act now to save lives

Side guards should become mandatory for heavy goods vehicles immediately

NDP Transport critic Hoang Mai (Brossard-La Prairie) is putting the heat on the Conservatives to make installing side guards mandatory on heavy vehicles.    ...

2014 10 01
Let the Liberal flip-flopping on Iraq begin!

Three weeks ago, Justin Trudeau took a stand on any mission on Iraq:

“Mr. Trudeau, however, did not completely rule out sending jet fighters in the future, such as when Canada sent six CF-18s to take part in airstrikes in Libya in 2011”  ...

2014 10 01
Statement by the NDP on National Seniors' Day

The Official Opposition’s Critic for Seniors, Irene Mathyssen (London – Fanshawe), made the following statement to mark National Seniors’ Day:

“On National Seniors’ Day, we honour the women and men who built this country. Canada’s seniors made incredible sacrifices to defend our values and worked to create the institutions and services we all benefit from. Many seniors continue to give back to their communities by dedicating countless hours to volunteer work in their communities.  ...

2014 10 01
Statement by the NDP to mark Women’s History Month

Official Opposition Status of Women’s critic Niki Ashton (Churchill) made the following statement to mark Women’s History Month:

“During Women’s History Month, we join with many to celebrate the women who have been changing our world.  ...

2014 09 30
Conservatives vote against making Question Period more relevant

The Conservatives don’t believe that Canadians deserve truthful, clear answers and have voted to kill an NDP motion to improve Question Period.

“By opposing our motion, the Conservatives have said to Canadians that the government doesn’t have to answer their questions regardless of how legitimate they are. This is quite disappointing,” said NDP House Leader, Peter Julian (Burnaby – New Westminster).  ...

2014 09 30
Cancer survivors deserve better access to EI

In the wake of a study showing that cancer survivors earn less and are less likely to be employed, the NDP is calling on the federal government to stop blocking Canadians who need income supports like Employment Insurance (EI).  ...

2014 09 30
Conservatives can make Question Period more relevant

Today, Conservative MPs will have the chance to listen to Canadians and vote to improve the tone in Parliament and ensure Question Period can also be known as Answer Period.   ...

2014 09 29
Conservative Question Period mantra – show up if you can…at least when the boss is around!

In responding to the NDP proposal to make government responses to questions relevant in the House of Commons, government House Leader Peter Van Loan had the following to say:  ...

2014 09 29
NDP calls on government to support rights and freedoms in Hong Kong

Official Opposition Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) made the following statement on the situation in Hong Kong:      ...

2014 09 29
NDP to force vote on Question Period relevance

The NDP is using its opposition day to put forward a proposal to enhance the daily Question Period, make Parliament more democratic and ensure that future governments will not be able to use tricks to evade giving Canadians answers.  ...

2014 09 25
Conservatives to shut down debate for the 76th and 77th times?

Some conservatives might feel good about supporting Michael Chong’s bill last night, but they’ll line up today to shut down debate on two bills.

As they say: go with what you know. Let’s check the all-time-leader board.  ...

2014 09 25
Official Opposition statement on Franco-Ontarian Day

Official Opposition critic for Official Languages Yvon Godin (Acadie-Bathurst) made the following statement on Franco-Ontarian Day:

“On this Franco-Ontarian Day, New Democrats will be celebrating the strength and vitality of this Francophone community, which fought long and hard to secure its rights as a people.  ...

2014 09 25
Conservatives oppose action on conflict minerals

NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) issued the following statement following the defeat of his private member’s bill on conflict minerals:  ...

2014 09 24
NDP supports Canada – Korea trade deal

Today, the NDP announced its support for the Canada-South Korea Trade Agreement, Canada’s first trade agreement with an Asian country.

“Increasing our trade ties with Asia is key to ensuring Canada’s prosperity in the 21st century," said NDP Trade critic Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway). "South Korea is a democratic country with a complementary, high-standards economy that provides significant, strategic benefits for Canada.  While we have some concerns, we believe this agreement is, on balance, a good deal for Canada.”  ...

2014 09 24
Statement of the leader of the Official Opposition on Rosh Hashanah

The Leader of the Official Opposition, Tom Mulcair, made the following statement on Rosh Hashanah:

"At this start of the Jewish High Holidays, I would like to offer my best wishes to all those who will be celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year that begins today at sunset.  ...

2014 09 24
Six of the dumbest things said by Paul Calandra

The following are six of the dumbest things that Paul Calandra has said in the House of Commons in response to questions. Keep in mind that he is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada, and received an extra bonus of $16,300 in salary this year for his illustrious role:  ...

2014 09 23
The NDP pleased with government reversal on Port-Cartier correctional facility

All signs indicate that plans to close a wing of the Port-Cartier correctional facility have been thrown out. NDP MP Jonathan Genest-Jourdain (Manicouagan) has credited union representatives for their swift work that saved 50 jobs.   ...

2014 09 23
Liberals to Conservatives: Stop raiding the EI fund, like we did while in government

Today in debate on their incorrectly costed EI proposal, Liberal finance critic Scott Brison said:

 “The Conservatives are hurting the Canadian economy by cutting infrastructure investments and keeping EI taxes artificially high just to pad their books to try to achieve a political surplus on the eve of an election.”  ...

2014 09 23
NDP statement on Gilles Latulippe’s death

Official Opposition Heritage critic Pierre Nantel made the following statement on the passing of Gilles Latulippe:

"A figurehead of Quebec popular culture, Gilles Latulippe touched the imagination of generations of Quebecers and always knew how to make us laugh. With his immense talent, he set the foundation for the golden age of comedy in Quebec.  ...

2014 09 23
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and his brain trust just can’t get their math straight

Today in the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau is pushing a confused and misdirected corporate tax credit. Since proposing this measure last week, Liberals have now tried to use five different numbers to explain it.  ...

2014 09 23
Nathan Cullen introduces bill to protect Pacific Northwest

NDP MP Nathan Cullen (Skeena – Bulkley Valley) has a plan to protect the Pacific Northwest, and today he introduced legislation aimed at settling uncertainty and avoiding conflict around the future of the North Coast, and the threat posed by Enbridge Northern Gateway.  ...

2014 09 23
Liberals raid the Employment Insurance Fund – Round 2

Once again, the Liberals are proposing to raid the contributions of workers to give tax cuts to companies. This time it’s for an ill thought out corporate tax credit that isn’t guaranteed to create any jobs.  ...

2014 09 22
While Chrétien sounds a warning, Trudeau’s Liberals fall in behind the Harper Conservatives on Iraq conflict

This weekend, former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien pointed out that by agreeing to sending soldiers into Iraq, we’re already involved for the long-haul. He cast doubt on claims that Canada won’t be involved in combat. He also added:  ...

2014 09 21
Statement by the Official Opposition on World Alzheimer’s Day

Official Opposition Health critic Libby Davies (Vancouver East) made the following statement on World Alzheimer’s Day:

“Alzheimer’s and related diseases affect 747,000 Canadians – a number that is expected to double over the next 15 years if nothing is done.

“While the Health Minister finally announced a research initiative in early September, the fight against this disease requires a much larger commitment.  Alzheimer’s will remain a serious health concern without more federal investment and real leadership. Like the Alzheimer Society, the NDP has been calling for years for a national strategy on dementia.”  ...

2014 09 21
Statement by the Official Opposition on the International Day of Peace

Official Opposition Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa-Centre) made the following statement on the International Day of Peace:

“In view of the violence that is currently gripping the planet, this International Day of Peace is a good reminder that our work to promote peace is more important than ever.  ...

2014 09 19
New Democrats celebrate Democracy Week, call for change

The Leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair made the following statement for Democracy Week:

“On Democracy Week, Canadians from coast to coast have had an opportunity to celebrate our democracy, and to promote the civic engagement and education that keep it strong.   ...

2014 09 18
Statement by the Official Opposition on the rejection of its motion on the federal minimum wage

Official Opposition Labour critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie) made the following statement after his motion on the federal minimum wage was thrown out:  ...

2014 09 18
Harper Hypocrisy Watch: Conservatives boost spending on political staff in satellite offices

You may remember Canada’s Conservatives from such complaints as “how dare you have regional satellite offices”, “regional offices are the worst” and other such bits of fake indignation.  ...

2014 09 18
NDP calling on government to create a National Seniors Strategy

Today, the NDP Seniors Critic Irene Mathyssen (London-Fanshawe) introduced a motion calling on the government to develop a National Seniors Strategy.  ...

2014 09 17
Champlain Bridge toll would cause traffic chaos

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) has confirmed the Champlain Bridge toll would cause traffic trouble in the region. Meanwhile, the NDP continues to urge the Conservatives to find a better solution.  ...

2014 09 17
What’s up with Justin Trudeau and Iraq?

Justin Trudeau has sent some contradictory messages on Canada’s role in Iraq:

“Ten years ago, Mr. Harper was eager to send us into a combat role in Iraq, and we managed to avoid that. I think it would be a mistake to escalate our support.”  ...

2014 09 17
Conservatives fail Canadian steel workers, retirees

The NDP blasted the federal Conservatives today for leaving former Stelco workers and retirees – as well as their families and communities – unprotected in the wake of US Steel Canada filing for bankruptcy protection.  ...

2014 09 17
Liberals give up on first economic proposal of the new session – and it’s only Wednesday

On Monday, Justin Trudeau botched his first ever economic policy announcement--an ill-thought-out response to Stephen Harper on Employment Insurance.  ...

2014 09 17
Conservatives must support Ukraine with more than rhetoric

With the Ukrainian President visiting Canada, the NDP is urging the Conservatives to put rhetoric aside and make concrete commitments to assist Ukrainians with the ongoing crisis in their country.  ...

2014 09 16
Math is hard if you’re Justin Trudeau

Yesterday Justin Trudeau announced that he would create 176,000 jobs for a mere $225 million in cash from the EI fund.

Hold on a minute. In the last three years, net employment growth was around 134,600 jobs per year. So Liberals are arguing that they are going to more-than-double annual job growth by lowering premiums for some employers.  ...

2014 09 16
Statement on Canadian military deployment to Iraq

The Leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair made the following statement today:

"Tonight's emergency debate on Canada's military involvement in Iraq must be followed by a parliamentary vote on a clear motion that outlines the details of Canada’s commitment.  ...

2014 09 15
Reminder to Liberals - remember that vote on the China-Canada Foreign Investment Protection Agreement?

What have the Liberals been telling Canadians about the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA)?

The agreement locks Canada in to a secret process giving Chinese companies a say in Canadian investments and natural resources.  ...

2014 09 15
The NDP will press for a vote on the federal minimum wage

The NDP will be using its day in opposition Tuesday to attempt to convince the government to raise the federal minimum wage.

“After 10 years under Stephen Harper, Canadian families are facing urgent problems and need help right away. Reinstating the federal minimum wage is just one of the ways that we want to improve the quality of Canadian jobs,” said NDP Labour critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie).  ...

2014 09 13
NDP government would reinstate the federal minimum wage

Hard working families deserve a decent living and this is the reason why the NDP committed today to restore the federal minimum wage and set a path to reach fifteen dollars per hour in their first mandate.  ...

2014 09 12
Conservatives give China control over investments in Canada

Quiet ratification of FIPA locks Canada into a bad deal for 31 years

After a two year delay, the Conservatives today ratified a controversial Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) with China that will give China’s state-controlled companies the same protection under the law as private Canadian companies.  ...

2014 09 12
Friday Afternoon Harper Special – Let’s Give China Control over Investments!

The word in Ottawa today is that Stephen Harper will quietly ratify the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) before the weekend.  ...

2014 09 12
Bring out your anti-choice, anti-gay MPs and nomination candidates fellow Conservatives!

There’s no moral crusader like an old moral crusader, and the Conservative MP and challenger seeking the nomination in Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner have proven that.  ...

2014 09 11
Conservatives failing to ensure drug safety

The NDP is demanding that the Minister of Health explain serious oversights in drug safety, including why drug manufacturers that repeatedly failed to meet safety standards are allowed to distribute their products in Canada.  ...

2014 09 11
Statement by the Official Opposition on the Anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks

The Leader of the Official Opposition Tom Mulcair made the following statement in remembrance of the September 11th terrorist attacks:

"It is with great sadness that New Democrats commemorate the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the United States that shocked the world on September 11, 2001.  ...

2014 09 10
Government announcement on dementia insufficient

Health minister Rona Ambrose’s announcement that the government is creating a research program on dementia this morning is good news, but remains insufficient in the fight against the imminent threat posed by this disease. Dementia will affect 1.4 million Canadians over the next 15 years.  ...

2014 09 10
NDP supporting minority-language rights

New Democrats welcome this week’s Federal Court decision, upholding that the CBC/Radio-Canada has a responsibility to promote the development of minority-language communities across the country.  ...

2014 09 10
NDP: Conservative meddling in CRTC hearings is inappropriate

New Democrats are urging Conservatives to stop playing politics with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) hearings after the Heritage Minister released a statement in the middle of “Let's Talk TV” consultations.   ...

2014 09 10
Statement by the NDP on the video testimonial of deceased foreign worker, Ivan Guerrero

In the wake of a video testimonial from Ivan Guerrero, a temporary foreign worker who accidentally drowned at a Quebec farm in May, NDP Employment and Social Development Jinny Sims (Newton—New Delta) made the following statement:

“I was heartbroken to read the video transcript released by Radio-Canada, in which Mr. Guerrero describes his time as a vegetable picker here in Canada. To hear that this man felt like he was someone’s dog, and then to know he died as a result of an attempt to complete work outside of his job description, illustrates the great potential for abuse that exists within the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.  ...

2014 09 10
Conservatives to blame for closure of the North-South Institute

Today’s closure of the North-South Institute, Canada’s world-renowned international development think tank, is an enormous loss to both Canada and the global community.  ...

2014 09 05
Employment grinds to a halt under Conservatives

With 111,800 private sector workers losing their jobs in August, Statistics Canada’s recent jobs report highlights the Conservatives’ continued failure to create jobs and lack of progress in addressing the precarious employment conditions Canadians face.  ...

2014 09 04
Offshore drilling in Cacouna: the NDP calls for an emergency meeting

The NDP is calling for an emergency meeting of the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans to shed light on the offshore drilling TransCanada will soon be doing in the fragile ecosystem off the coast of Cacouna.  ...

2014 09 04
NDP reiterates call to Prime Minister to help injured children from Gaza

OTTAWA – The NDP has written to Citizenship and Immigration minister Chris Alexander demanding that the Conservative government agree to help with Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish’s efforts to bring injured children from Gaza to Canada for treatment.  ...

2014 09 03
New Democrats call for a moratorium on converting home delivery to postal boxes

NDP Canada Post critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie) has called on the Conservative government to place a moratorium on building post office boxes that are set to replace home mail delivery across the country.    ...

2014 09 03
Statement from the NDP on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

The official opposition International Development critic Hélène Laverdière (Laurier—Sainte-Marie) made the following statement about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza:

“Following weeks of fighting devastating civilian communities in Gaza, humanitarian relief is urgently needed. With a ceasefire agreement in place, Canada now has an opportunity to contribute to recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction, including funding for housing and shelter; reconstruction of schools, hospitals, water and sewage facilities; and provision of social services, including education and other ‎support for children affected by the conflict.   ...

2014 09 02
Northerners deserve better

Tom Mulcair kicks off Nunavut Tour

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is in Nunavut this week, talking with Nunavummiut about putting their issues first.

“We’ve learned that decisions made behind closed doors in Ottawa don’t work – Northerners deserve a partner that will listen to their challenges and work with them to find solutions, and that’s exactly why I’m here.”  ...

2014 09 02
NDP urges Health Canada to reconsider citronella ban

NDP Health critic Libby Davies (Vancouver East) is urging Health Canada to reconsider its decision to ban citronella-based insect repellents.

“It’s not clear why Health Canada seems to be ignoring the scientists’ advice and putting a blanket ban on a natural product, leaving consumers with little choice. Many consumers have concerns with the other options that contain synthetic chemicals such as DEET,” said Davies.   ...

2014 09 02
Director of Public Prosecutions should investigate PMO staff

NDP Ethics critic Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay) has written to the Director of Public Prosecutions to request he review evidence collected by the RCMP, and make a determination as to whether Nigel Wright should be charged under the Parliament of Canada Act.  ...

2014 09 01
Statement by the Official Opposition on Labour Day

Official Opposition Labour critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie) made the following statement regarding Labour Day:

“On this Labour Day 2014, New Democrats would like to highlight the vital role that Canadian workers have played in our economic development and potential for innovation.  ...