June 9th, 2015

REALITY CHECK: Trudeau Senate Flip-Flop

Today, you’ll hear Liberals claiming that any real change in the Senate is impossible. They like to do that.

In October 2013, the NDP put forward a motion to force senators out of party caucuses.

Who stood in the way? None other than Justin Trudeau, who insisted that it was impossible:

“Because I respect the Constitution of Canada. And regardless of what the NDP might wish to make political hay over, we don't have the capacity in the House of Commons to, on a simple majority vote, eliminate pieces of the Canadian Constitution.”

– Justin Trudeau, CBC, October 26, 2013

But in a classic Trudeau flip-flop, a few months later those constitutional concerns vanished:

“That is why, as of today, the National Liberal Caucus will only include elected Members of Parliament, and not Senators.”

– Justin Trudeau, January 29, 2014

Now “Liberal Senators” have become “Independent Liberal Senators”…who continue to caucus together as Liberals, vote together as Liberals, and fundraise and campaign for the Liberal Party.

No wonder no one can remember their new title.

Canadians are sick of Senate scandals, sick of seeing their money wasted, and sick of Conservative and Liberal excuses saying it has to be this way. It doesn’t.

Canadians deserve better.