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2011 12 16
Reality check: Living the high life with Peter MacKay

No one is happier than Peter MacKay for the end of daily Question Period in the House – he has had a difficult fall.

Making up so many different excuses is tough. As is having Canadians find out about how well you’ve been making out on the taxpayers’ dime.

From using military aircraft as a door-to-door- chauffeur service ($15,300), staying in swanky European hotels in Munich ($2,904 for two nights) and Istanbul ($2,310 for three nights). And today we learn about MacKay’s splurges on a trip to the Grey Cup in Edmonton ($4,752) and his excursion to a Boston “seafood show” ($3,167).

From a party of accountability to ministers living it up on the taxpayer’s dime. One set of rules for Conservative Cabinet ministers, another for the rest of us.

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Thomas Mulcair