April 25th, 2013

Reality Check: Liberal history on climate change Part 1

It seems today’s Liberal Party has forgotten their environmental record – 13 long years of dithering on climate change.

To help them out, we have put together some quotes as reminder, a testament to their inaction.

"Even if the measures contained in the previous government's plan had been fully implemented, it is difficult to say whether the projected emission reductions would have been enough to meet our Kyoto obligations. In the fullness of time, some measures may have contributed. Yet, in certain sectors, the measures are not up to the task of meeting the Kyoto obligations.”

– Federal Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, 2006 Report

The Liberals were very … well, they just didn't do the hard things that were needed to meet the Kyoto target.”

– David Suzuki, CTV’s Question Period, 14 January 2007

"It is quite true to say that the 13-year legacy of the Liberal government was to say that they wanted to reduce greenhouse gases out of one side of their mouths, but at the same time invest heavily in the most greenhouse gas-intensive industry possible”

– Executive Director of Sierra Club of Canada, Forest Newswatch, 10 January 2007

So while Liberals try to re-write history, we will continue remind Canadians of the failure of successive Conservative and Liberal governments on fighting climate change.

Because Canadians truly deserve better than more of the same doublespeak from the old line parties.