December 3rd, 2013

Reality check: Is Harper’s caucus falling apart?

While the Prime Minister has been saying that he knew nothing about the deal between Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy before May 15th, members of his own caucus are now starting to doubt him.

One MP has even gone so far as to introduce legislation that would greatly restrict the power of party leaders.

In addition to those supporting Mr. Chong’s attempt to reign in the power of the PMO, here’s what Conservatives and others have been saying about the current state of affairs in the prime minister’s office:

Some of the prime minister’s key people have conspired to undermine Senate investigations, to influence a third-party financial audit and ultimately to pay off a senator, all, in tragic irony, to maintain an illusion of party ethics. The prime minister has, in the kindest interpretation, hidden the full truth. – David Sachs, Ottawa Citizen, November 25, 2013 Every person I have talked to has a different version of events, and a different version of what should be done – Conservative source, The Hill Times, November 25, 2013 One backbencher said the Prime Minister would be ‘done like toast’ if new information emerged indicating he was misleading his caucus. “A number of us would ask for his resignation.” – John Ivison, National Post, November 22, 2013 Yet everyone I spoke to said that the entire Conservative party is unsettled. There is a palpable sense of disillusionment — a feeling that the leader and his staff have forgotten the party was elected on a ticket of accountability and transparency. “The Prime Minister told caucus that Nigel acted alone. But it’s clear now that a number of people in the room, including some senators and his chief of staff, knew all about it,” said one MP. – John Ivison, National Post, November 22, 2013 One MP said that some Conservative members are already talking about a leadership contest, if Mr. Wright is charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust. “If charges are laid, there is no way the PM can continue. MPs are talking about it openly this week. No one expects Jim Flaherty to run again, so he could be installed as interim leader and we’d still have time to hold a leadership contest before the next election,” he said. – John Ivison, National Post, November 22, 2013

It is time the Prime Minister finally stood up and told truth. Canadians deserve better.