Reality check: Glass Houses

Today, members from the Conservative Party and the Bloc Quebecois feigned righteous indignation that NDP interim leader Nycole Turmel supported candidates from both the BQ and Quebec Solidaire.

Conservative spokesman Dimitri Soudas called the NDP “not up to the job of governing Canada” and Louis Plamondon, the interim leader of the Bloc Quebecois said “when you back a party, you back its program.”

Knowing that Plamondon, himself, was a Conservative Member of Parliament for the better part of a decade, that Conservative Minister Denis Lebel was an active member of the Bloc Quebecois and that Maxime Bernier was a political aide to former Premier Bernard Landry who made all employees declare their loyalty to an independent Quebec, we wonder why politicians who live in glass houses are throwing stones.

The NDP campaigned and won Official Opposition status on the policy and principle of working with Canadians of all political parties to make Parliament work for all Canadians—and that’s what we’ll continue to do.