August 26th, 2015

Reality check: on balancing the budget, Justin Trudeau doesn't know where he stands

A timeline of Justin Trudeau’s changing answers on deficits:

In November 2008, during the economic crisis, Trudeau said there was no need to run deficits:

“…it could have defended the interests of Canadians, while at the same time being in a position to generate a budget surplus.”

In November 2010 Trudeau criticized the Conservatives for spending too much:

“The Conservatives managed to put Canada into deficit even before the global recession hit, by increasing government spending by 18% in their first three budgets.”

In February 2011 Trudeau said:

“Mr. Speaker, we are looking at a $56 billion deficit, yet Conservatives want to borrow another $6 billion just to give Canada's wealthiest corporations a tax break they obviously do not need…”

In February 2014 Trudeau said:

“The budget will balance itself.”

January 21, 2015 CTV reported:

“Justin Trudeau won't say if he thinks the federal government should abandon its commitment to a balanced budget.”

April 22, 2015 Trudeau said:

“Our platform will be fully costed, fiscally responsible and a balanced budget.”

August 7, 2015 Trudeau said:

"We are committed to [a] balanced budget. But how long it takes to get there will depend on the size of the mess Mr. Harper has left behind."

When asked today to clarify Trudeau refused to clarify his budget plans:

“I've said clearly we're committed to investing in Canadians…We'll have an awful lot more to say about that in the coming days.”