October 10th, 2015

Prominent Québec academics tell us why they support the NDP

Impressed by the NDP’s approach in this campaign, prominent Québec academics including Charles Taylor, Daniel Weinstock, Jocelyn Maclure and Pascale Dufour, have published an op-ed today saying in this election, they are supporting Tom Mulcair for Prime Minister.

Excerpts from the Le Devoir Op-ed: [Quotes translated]

“As progressives committed to fundamental rights and the strength of our democracy, we believe the New Democratic Party is the most promising alternative...”

“…the NDP’s plan for universal childcare is preferable to the cheques Liberals want to send…Quality, affordable childcare promotes equal opportunities, social diversity and women’s employment…”

“…the NDP’s plan to fight climate change is the most ambitious of the three parties…And need we remind you that the NDP voted against C-51, while the Liberals voted in favour…”

“We think an NDP government represents the best chance of a consistent and coherent social democratic governance.

In this election, only Tom Mulcair and the NDP are fighting for our communities, our environment and our jobs.

Only a vote For Tom Mulcair’s NDP will actually bring change to Ottawa.