PMO taxdollar spending up over 7% since 2011. NDP spending on the OLO reduced by 10%

As Tom Mulcair pointed out today at Committee, Conservatives have cut the budget of the Leader of the Opposition while increasing their own budget for the Prime Minister’s Office.

  • From fiscal 2011-12 to fiscal 2012-13 the PMO budget increased by 7.4%

  • From fiscal 2011-12 to fiscal 2014-15 the OLO budget has declined by 9.8%

  • Here’s what that looks like.

    Fiscal Year

    PMO Budget

    OLO Budget


    Withheld by PMO

    $ 3,675,062


    Withheld by PMO

    $ 3,798,861


    $ 8,215,183

    $ 3,922,960


    $ 7,650,537

    $ 4,046,909

    Unfortunately, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government


    providing numbers on the PMO budget for the Main Estimates. As a result of this move to reduce spending transparency for the prime Minister’s Office, 2013-14 spending won’t be available until the Fall.

    Canadians deserve to have their elected parliamentarians focused on them, not just on meeting Ottawa lobbyists – or on Kangaroo court attacks.