June 13th, 2015

Overheard this week: “Prime Minister Mulcair — has a nice ring to it”

From the Senate expense scandal to Conservatives and Liberals teaming up to pass Stephen Harper’s Bill C-51, it’s time for change in Ottawa.

Tom Mulcair continues to prove he’s the only leader with the principles and experience to get Canada back on track. Here’s some of what they’re saying:

“Prime Minister Mulcair — has a nice ring to it.” — Raffi Cavoukian, Children’s performer, Twitter (June 6, 2015) “Mr. Mulcair has a clear shot at becoming prime minister […] What may matter more is something intangible: a gradual shift in perceptions among progressive voters over which leader might best confront Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. As they get to know Mr. Mulcair better, voters discover a tough, decisive, experienced leader […]” — John Ibbitson, Globe and Mail (June 11, 2015) “A tip of the hat from Canadians to Tom Mulcair […] there’s really no bad news for the NDP this week.” — Nik Nanos, CTV’s Power Play (June 12, 2015) “New Democrats are more trusted than their political rivals to be the champion of the Canadian family […] New Democrats have a sizeable advantage when it comes to winning the support of those Canadians who are juggling the costs of housing, child care, taxes and basic living expenses.” — Gloria Galloway, Globe and Mail (June 12, 2015) “Mr. Mulcair is proving to be an ever so gradual, in an ever so step-by-step manner, the hidden, subdued factor in the great national race […] outpacing the Liberals and staring down the Conservatives.” — Rex Murphy, CBC’s The National (June 11, 2015)